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How much of weight loss is mental or psychological? Some experts will tell you that real, long-term weight loss is all about motivation and really wanting it. After all, your mind has a great deal of power over your body and how it functions. This is why some weight loss programs and products are geared more toward the mind and the thought process, rather than the body. In this review, we are going to take a look at The Hypnotic Diet, which is available in MP3 format, and was created by a certified hypnotist, Richard K. Nongard.


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Product Features

The Hypnotic Diet is claimed to be effective weight loss with hypnosis. It was originally released back in May of 2008, and it is 27:30 minutes in length. This audio diet product addresses your train of thought and how you view dieting and food. It is essentially a hypnosis session that helps you enjoy exercise, as well as eating. You are encouraged to consume healthy foods like lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and whole foods.

As you may have guessed, The Hypnotic Diet is intended to alter the way you look at dieting and eating. It helps motivate you to stay on track, and provides inspiration and relaxation. While there is no specific exercise routine required with this weight loss method, physical fitness is encouraged. There are no dietary supplements involved with The Hypnotic Diet to encourage fat loss or suppress appetite. This approach to weight management is for both women and men, and it can be beneficial for all age groups. You will find some customer feedback on Amazon for this audio program.

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  • This type of weight loss product may help you with relaxation.
  • The Hypnotic Diet aims to change your perception of foods and eating.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged, which is great.


  • There are no convenient dietary supplements used for appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • Some people do not respond well to hypnosis.
  • There are several similar CDs and audio programs available for weight management.
  • More promising weight loss products are available at this time.


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool when it comes to changes in your lifestyle and habits. Many people have been successfully hypnotized over the years, and this can result in real changes like weight loss. Therefore The Hypnotic Diet may be suitable for some men and women. But, hypnosis is not for everyone, and some people do not respond well to this technique. It is nice to see that both healthy eating and regular exercise are part of this hypnosis method. However, some dieters will not be interested in listening to this piece of audio each day.

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