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The IN2 Nutrition website is a business related company that offers to help other gain a brand name in the weight loss industry. This company focuses more on providing quality weight loss plans for other companies than helping people to lose weight. Some of the websites and programs created by IN2 Nutrition include Eat 2 Get Fit, The Diabetic Diet, In2 Perfect Shape, The Metabolic Diet and several privately labeled products.


Product line ideas for businesses wanting to brand themselves in the weight loss industry.

Product Features

IN2 Nutrition offers business strategies to grocery stores, corporations, media and websites, health clubs, fitness clubs and physicians. The website for IN2 Nutrition, offers little to no information on how the company comes up with the weight loss plans and programs for their business partners. At the bottom of the page are links to Member Support and Business Development, but the links are not active.

The Links to the prepared diet plans all lead to websites offering the same general information. The websites all look exactly the same with some of the pictures being copied from one website to the next. Each website lists the parts of the weight loss plans including starter kits, personalized plans, recipes, menus, fast food choices, progress charts and online help. The only contact information available on the main IN2 Nutrition website is a phone number listed at the bottom of the page. Aside from the external links to the plans they have created, the website is just a front page leading to no additional information.

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  • None.


  • No pricing information is listed.
  • All of the websites look exactly the same.
  • There is only a phone number for contact information.
  • There is no information on how the plans work or how to get started with a personalized plan.
  • The product lines are aimed at businesses rather than individuals.


There is rarely a time when we come across a product or company that leaves us bewildered. The IN2 Nutrition does just that. There is no information on the website related to how the company can help the business or the individual to lose weight. The links provided on the page for more information lead nowhere and the links leading to the plans they have created are simply copy and pasted websites with a few changes made including pictures and product details.

We tend to support products that offer tangible information, reliable contact information and a supplement or plan that is proven to increase weight loss and keep the weight off. IN2 Nutrition offers none of those options.

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    I started with their free trial offer. While I was disappointed to find out that each “program” was exactly the same, the one I first chose helped me effortlessly drop lbs, which is something that has never happened in my whole life. I had chosen a different one years later, hoping to learn something differnet but found out they were the same program. I felt better, I slept better, I woke up before my alarm, I didn’t have an after slump…. it was common sense, not a diet and I followed it to a “T”. I never felt deprived, I never felt cravings….. I never even exercised to lose the weight because at that time, I didn’t HAVE time. I was very impressed with this common sense way of eating….. If we all ate this way, there would be no obesity and less health problems! My swelling went away among many other problems. 40 lbs later, I feel great and have adapated this as a new way of lving….. years later!