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Iodine is an element commonly found in seaweed and oceanic creatures that is known to be the precursor to enabling proper thyroid function and preventing several mental issues including mental retardation and depression. Its medical links are well known, but only recently Iodine has been recognized as an important substance for preventing hypothyroidism, a condition where the metabolism slows severely and causes serious weight gain. Therefore, the intake of Iodine is widely discussed among obese dieters, who hypothesize that low iodine intake may be the result of their weight gain.

Iodine is essentially an important substance that is thought to regulate the metabolism and thyroid when taken in proper amounts; a lack of it is thought to have unsettling results, ranging from weight gain to extreme fatigue. Clearly, this element is a cause for concern if dieters are overweight, but loading up on Iodine-rich foods isn’t necessarily the way to go. Let’s look into the properties of Iodine and if this needs to be an essential ingredient in your diet to aid in weight loss.



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The use of Iodine in food is actually a new concept; less than 100 years ago, most populations were iodine deficient simply because they did not have access to iodine-rich foods such as seafood and kelp. Asian countries typically ate more iodine and featured less instances of iodine deficiency in their populations. Where iodine deficiency was present, symptoms such as depression, weight gain, and thyroid enlargement were commonplace. Today, iodine deficiency is nearly obsolete in most modern countries because of more access to marine food and the use of iodized salt. This has not completely eradicated iodine deficiency, however, and a small percent of obese sufferers are diagnosed with issues related to iodine deficiency including hypothyroidism and depression. Hypothyroidism is the biggest issue and increasing iodine intake is usually prescribed by physicians who initially diagnose patients with this disorder. This is the only connection Iodine has with diet, as evidenced by numerous studies.

Despite the amount of evidence surround iodine, however, overweight dieters should not simply increase their iodine intake and hope it helps increase their metabolism. Too much iodine also adversely affects the thyroid, which is why it is suggested to follow a diet prescribed by a physician instead after being diagnosed with iodine deficiency. Taking more iodine if you do not have a deficiency is not shown to offer any benefits — it merely increases the risk of developing other conditions linked with excessive iodine intake.

Iodine is only prescribed to help if a physician diagnoses a problem, and even then increased iodine intake is not always prescribed. They may prescribe pills to treat the thyroid, as some people are sensitive to iodine intake, resulting in a “iodine” crash. It’s best to seek the counsel of a physician if you are suspicious you have an iodine deficiency. Iodine is not a cure all for revving up the metabolism, but it may correct preexisting issues concerning the thyroid.

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  • Increasing iodine intake, as prescribed by a physician, may help correct sluggish metabolism.
  • Is an inexpensive, common element found in marine fish, kelp, and iodized salt.


  • It is highly discouraged to increase iodine intake without medical supervision, due to the increased risk of developing other disorders.
  • It only affects the metabolism, and offers no other diet-related benefits.
  • Only affects the thyroid in a positive manner if suffering from iodine-deficient diseases, such as hypothyroidism.


Iodine is a very important element that can affect the thyroid either positively or negatively and may also help regulate the thyroid if suffering from iodine-deficient diseases such as hypothyroidism. Iodine is a tricky element, however, and medical supervised care is usually recommended when considering upping the iodine intake. It is not a cure all for dieters who want to lose a few pounds, but it may help people who are obese and suspect they have hypothyroidism.

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    If I am exposed to Marijuana by neighbors that smoke in the next door apartment, do I need iodine to detox to regulate energy and clear thinking?


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    Is Iodine-Plus2 safe to take if I have taken Levoxl? I have not had any Levoxl for 6 months or more. Would it be safe to start taking Iodine-Plus2?


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    sharon Sturm

    if i buy a bottle and drop the 12lbs I need do I have to keep reordering?I do not want to get caught up in that..for the cost.


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    With Armour Thyroid not available in many pharmacies across the country. Many people have had to take iodine 2% to stay alive.