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For years, Jason Ferruggia struggled with weight management. He was the skinny kid with no way to gain muscle or improve muscle development. Fast-forward 18 years and Ferruggia is now a world-renowned fitness celebrity. He is a certified personal trainer with more than 700 clients to his name, as well as a author, lecturer and strength coach.

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  • Jason Ferruggia is a lecturer, author and strength coach.

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Jason Ferruggia is a strength coach, author, lecturer and certified personal trainer. He has trained more than 700 clients in his 18+ years of experience. He is self admittedly a skinny kid who struggled with weight gain and muscle development. After years in the gym, he decided to change the way he thought about muscle development. He changed how he exercised and how he ate. The results were extreme muscle gains and development. Jason Ferruggia decided to offer his advice to the average dieter. He penned several books and written thousands of articles on the topic of weight management.

His books sound the same and offer similar advice. Concisely, eat less, lift weights and see results. The programs are nothing new and in fact regurgitated from bodybuilders around the world. Considering the years Jason Ferruggia has been in the industry, we expected something new and exciting. We did not receive either.

We did like the availability of different programs. Jason Ferruggia offers information on diet, cardiovascular programs, muscle development programs, strength training as well as personal coaching. Although he offers several programs, all are expensive. Considering Jason Ferruggia does not offer any new information, dieters could easily find his information online free.

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  • Jason Ferruggia is a certified personal trainer.


  • The cost of his fitness and diet programs are expensive.
  • His programs are designed for weight gain and not weight loss.
  • Jason Ferruggia offers online coaching sessions.
  • The information is readily available online.
  • The programs designed by Jason Ferruggia are for bodybuilders and not the average dieter.
  • The program offers unrealistic guarantees in 30 days.
  • He contradicts himself with his principles.


Jason Ferruggia is no nonsense person. He tells you what you need to achieve results and offers you the tools for success. Jason Ferruggia not only created a brand, he created a movement. He has branded himself as a strength coach, author and lecturer. He has written several books relating to strength conditioning and muscle gain. He also provided information relating to weight management on his personal blog. Missing from the information provided is diet and supplementation recommendations. The information on the website appears to be more for the bodybuilder and not the average dieter. The information he provides is rather expensive. Since the information relating to his fitness plan does not address diet, he attempts to sell you his diet plan.

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