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Leslie Sansone Review - Does This Author Help You Lose Weight?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

It’s important that you don’t mistake marketing for effectiveness. We wanted to know which one drove Leslie Sansone products, so we dove into the ingredients, potential side effects, customer service and research. We also took it upon ourselves to read hundreds of experiences. Then, with all that in hand, we condensed it to give you this bottom line.

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What is Leslie Sansone?

To start, Leslie Sansone is an author and fitness expert. She offers walking programs you can do at home and a website for support. You can go just one mile or up to four, based on some options. It looks like the official website and Amazon sell the products.

The Walk at Home website was purchased in 2005, so there’s experience there. Leslie Sansone is behind the programs and she’s present in each one. You can spend less than $20 on a workout and there are some reports of weight-loss, but read on…

Outdated Workouts – “Too Old to Follow?”

Our first concern with Leslie Sansone workouts is the fact that they tend to be dated, which makes it hard to form a connection with the participants on-screen. “You have to be able to relate to the people on the DVD,” says our Research Editor. “If they look like they lived more than a decade ago, that may not be the best support.”

“The dvd that comes in this case is not from 2009. The copyright for the dvd inside this is from 2003. It is an outdated workout,” one user complained.

Another said the same, “This is an old video and the quality is crap.”

There are also some users who loved the experience and saw results.

One offered, “I just have to say that Leslie Sansone has changed my life.”

Yet another claimed, “If you’re a really heavy person who’s desperate to find something you can do, I encourage you to try this DVD.”

Faulty DVDs – “Poor Quality?”

We also found more than a few reports of faulty DVDs, which means the buyer gets absolutely nothing for their money.

A buyer reported, “This DVD doesn’t play on any DVD player in my house or on my laptop.”

We found the same complaint time and again, “I finally got around to using this a year after purchasing. It is so scratched that it is unwatchable.”

Clearly, based on positive reviews, the DVDs worked for some.

“The 1 mile walk is perfect for people who are just beginning their fitness journey,” one review offered.

Another claimed, “It feels good to get the cobwebs off my body and I feel better just for getting up and DOING IT.”

We’ve found, after years of research, that it takes something small, like outdated workouts, to ruin the likelihood of your success. If Leslie Sansone doesn’t offer programs that are relatable, the customer will not stick with it long enough to lose weight.

The Science – “Is There Any Clinical Support?”

There is clinical support for using exercise, especially walking, as a means of losing weight. It can be a low-impact option suitable for people just starting out. Leslie Sansone doesn’t necessarily offer the proof we look for at DietSpotlight, but we know it exists and that’s enough in this case.

The Bottom Line -Does Leslie Sansone Work?

Are we placing an order for Walk at Home right now? Well, not exactly. We are hesitant to suggest these programs because they may be outdated and that’s a big problem. There’s also no proof walking in your home is any better than being outside. As a matter of fact, getting fresh air and sunlight can support overall health and fight symptoms of depression.

We’re all for exercising to lose weight, but we think you can do more. Our suggestion is to find a supplement that works with researched ingredients that are up-to-date and relevant today.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. There is a four-ingredient proprietary blend and each element has been clinically tested. The company suggests working out and eating right, two excellent suggestions for long-term results. Plus, current research supports product claims.

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Previous Leslie Sansone Review (Updated September 20, 2013):

What You Should Know

Leslie Sansone created her walking workouts over twenty years ago. Her philosophy was and still is that you can lose weight by walking. The official website for the Leslie Sansone walking products tells us that she began her Walk at Home Program in church halls and that it has now become a multi-million pound business. She has created over one hundred Walking Workout instructional DVDs.


There are no ingredients, the Leslie Sansone program consists of walking workouts on DVDs.

Product Features

The official website for the Leslie Sansone walking DVDS is full of testimonials from people who have followed her walking workouts with success. There are also a large number of impressive before and after photos. These testimonials and photos seem very authentic, and there appears to be no doubt that these walking workouts have definitely helped a number of people who have used the DVDs. However the Leslie Sansone walking workouts are not the only walking workouts available for sale on DVD. There is no evidence that the workouts created by Leslie Sansone are superior to other walking workouts for sale on DVD. The Leslie Sansone DVDs are available for sale via the official website, or otherwise you can purchase them from shops such as Wal Mart. You can also subscribe to a monthly walking workout newsletter via the official website. Of course you do not necessarily need a DVD to enable you to undertake walking exercises. Unless you suffer from a disability walking is something that we can all do quite easily and for free. Of course it is something that takes up time and all of those who want to lose weight may not necessarily have the time to follow a walking workout program everyday.


  • There is an official website for the Leslie Sansone walking workouts.
  • You can subscribe to a monthly newsletter via the official website.
  • There are before and after photos displayed on the website.


  • Not everybody has the time to follow daily walking workouts.
  • There is no evidence that the Leslie Sansone walking workouts are superior to others on the market.
  • You do not necessarily need to buy DVDs to follow a walking regimen.
  • Some people simply do not like walking.
  • Some find the DVDs repetitive and boring. (See reader comments.)


There is no doubt that the testimonials and the before and after photos on the Leslie Sansone official website are impressive and very convincing. However there is no concrete evidence that her walking workout DVDs achieve superior results compared to other walking workout DVDs. Also this exercise does not interest everyone. As things stand we cannot recommend the Leslie Sansone walking workouts over and above other exercise programs available that claim to help you lose weight, although it never hurts to walk to the market instead of taking the car.

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Rating: 2.8. From 57 votes.
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Leslie Sansone Review

How Does Leslie Sansone Compare?

User Comments (101)


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Walking with Leslie is part of my daily routine. I truly miss her walks when I don’t get to do them. I have no desire to even try anybody else, as this is perfect for me. She’s energetic and inspiring. Overall an excellent motivational coach!!


i dont know what all the complaining is about the videos getting boring. if you go to the gym you are doing the exact same motions every time on the same machines over and over again. if you are tired of the same music then just turn some other on. youre at home after all- you should have a mute button on your remote. walking is walking… there isnt much anyone can do to jazz it up and make it entertaining. just walk for 20 minutes and get it over with- goodness.

Your Name

great comment! I highly agree.


Redundant? So is walking outside. So is swimming. So is bicycling. Julie Dickerson, I agree with you. Stop complaining and work out.


I discovered Leslies Walk Away The Pounds dvd’s in 2002 after years of little to no exercise. I loved it because I could actually make it through a whole workout without quitting, and that was encouraging me to keep at it. I did the 1mile for about a week, then moved on to the 2mile, a few weeks later I started the 3mile, but while I found this just as easy I really preferred the 2mile so have been doing that ever since. When I say easy I put my all into it and still get a good sweat on. I also don’t mind the repetitiveness, it’s actually funny, like being in a play I know every line, though I often put it on mute and play my own music too, depending on mood.

Rose O.

I have been doing Leslie’s workouts for 10 yrs now and I just love her. The pounds just started coming off, I exercise 2 times a week. Enjoy the multi body workouts and also u have to eat healthy. Weight will come off gradually, she is really down to earth and I feel I have known her forever. Thank u Leslie for being my walking couch. p.s. I lost 32 pounds

Debby j Wear

I absolutly love all her walking dvd’s….shes inspiring energetic, makes them something all ages can do and makes them fun and uinteresting….ive no desire to even try anybody elses as this is perfect for me and wanted thank Leslie. deb wear


So what if Leslie’s videos and DVDs are repetitious? I work full time and don’t have the time or money to run to a gym or community centre (their exercises can be become repetious as well – and costly). I can put Leslies’s tapes on in the comfort of my home any time – rain or shine and away I go! Also I have a bad back and I find her exercises are low impact, which is great for anyone with Sciatica. Thanks Leslie, keep up the good work.


I do your workout tape three to four times a week and eating right and I lost over forty pounds in nine months. Feeling great


I love all Leslie Sansome Dvds. I have quite a collection of them so I can switch them around. I have back problems and some exercises can be difficult for me, but with Leslie Sansome Dvds I can go at my own pace. I have lost weight. I have more to lose, but I will reach my goal. I feel more fit than I have in a very long time. Leslie Sansome Dvds has helped me a lot.


I have been using WATPs for a while. (years) and yes it is not for the “advanced” exerciser. Her tapes might be monotonous (sp) for some, but they keep you moving if you put them in to do it “consistantly”. I have bad knees and cannot do the other workouts, (someone said “dancy”) so her walking tapes work WONDERFUL for me and I can alter her to MY pace without messing with the integrity of the workout. Thanx Leslie.


I love Leslie. I have arthritis and I had the 4 mile walk slim dvd. I have lost 10 pounds. I hit a wall, but you can make your moves more challenging. I have. When she boosts your walk, I start jogging when the music starts. I look for ways to boost my workout with bigger steps, more intensity than she portrays. The only reason why you think it is boring is because you make it boring. I also work out with a fitness ball dvd. So I workout about 2 hours. You make is as exciting as you want it. I thoroughly enjoy her and want another dvd of hers. She is truly a wonderful person. If you have arthritis she is about as good as it gets.

Debby Morris

I really enjoy using all of your tapes. I walk at our church also. I like not feeling pressured and how encouraging you are. I do however many miles I have time for. I try and do a tape everyday. I feel so much stronger and healthier. I have lost 40 lbs in the last year. I lost my husband suddenly last year and walking has really helped my healing and keeping depression away. Thank you!


Debby, So sorry for your lost.. Hang in there. Time will make a difference for you…


hard to get out in winter so having leslie’s tapes are a most useful. it inspires me to move. in 09 had hip replacement and used tapes beginning with 1mile and worked my way up to 4m. i feel strong, healthy you would never know i had surgery. just keep walking!


I have Leslie’s 3 mile video and do 3 miles everyday. For the people who said they have done her workout and lost nothing is interesting. Could it be the way you are eating as well?! I’m losing weight with her mile walks because im eating right as well. I love leslie and i thank her for ALL of her workouts!!

Linda Caristo

Leslie Sansone walk tapes are very effective and helpful and fun in getting to a positive end result of fitness and weight loss or maintenance !


I have been doing her video’s for 2 months now. I am really happy that I am getting up off the couch and doing something. I do a 4 or 5 mile dvd every day. I am 57 years old and think I am doing pretty good. I have 5 different dvds so it keeps it from getting old. Getup and move!!!


My wife and I (we are both 60ish) have started doing Leslie’s dvds again. We used them before very successfully but had to stop. Finding ourselves becoming overweight couch potatoes, we started again. In about two months I have lost over 20 lbs and my wife 12 lbs. We do anywhere from 4 to 7 miles a day. Of course, we changed our eating habits but are not starving ourselves. We have 6 or 7 of her dvds and switch them often. We also use the handweights which we find beneficial. It is so much easier to stick to this if you can do it with someone else.

Betty Coyne

I am a 75 yr. old grandmother who just loves your dvd’s. I was using the Walk Slim Fast & Firm 4 mi. and loived it. But I have now started using the Walk Slim 3 Fast milse and think it’s the best so far. I have been walking since 1980 outside but as we age it becomes more beneficial to walk inside!!!! Your Grandmothers on this tape are still babies!!! Love all your enthusiasm! How many calories do I burn doing this 3 fast miles? Betty

Dorothy Powers

I am 74 + and started using Leslie’s video in August. I could only do 5 minutes and thought I would die! Now I can do up to 3 miles but usually 2 miles a day. I feel stronger, my balance is great and in conjunction with Weight Watchers, I have lost 24 pounds. Many times I watch TV while I have the DVD running in my computer, but go back to listening when I need to review. I am strong now! No high impact and if I can do it many more people can. So stop complaining and tell someone who is just sitting around doing nothing to get up and walk. If you want a greater challenge, get a personal trainer.


I just love Keslie Sansone’s DVDS . I have everyone of them. I just finish working out with her . My heart rate goes up really high and I’m burning calories. I want yo know what happened to the old cast like Linda, Joann, Marykay?