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Josh Holland is a personal trainer and man of many talents. He started out in life as a stellar basketball athlete who graduated college with a BS is Mass Communications and a minor in Physical Education. He earned a place in overseas professional basketball before returning to the United States. Today, he works as a model, actor, trainer and training coordinator. He is a certified barefoot running coach and an accredited trainer for the 2012 Olympics in London.

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  • Personal trainer.

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Josh Holland does not appear to be integrated into the world of personal training programs, diets and supplements aimed at the dieter. He is available for hire as a personal trainer and he works with The Core: Club NYC. Holland is the co-founder of Zoomtion Fitness, a unique fitness program that utilizes a wide variety of movements to create a personalized workout that never grows boring. Zoomtion is a program, not a gym, so dieters will have to inquire about classes at The Carlyle, The Core: Club NYC or Trump SoHo. Josh Holland is also available for private personal training sessions using Zoomtion.

As a personal trainer, Josh Holland has worked with the likes of Madonna and other celebrities. If money is not an issue, he is available to train most dieters living in the New York area, but Holland has a relatively small footprint on the fitness community. We could find no books, fitness programs or diets authored by the trainer. The only thing we did find was a huge portfolio of acting and modeling.

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  • Josh Holland has experience and education as a personal trainer.
  • He is a third-degree black belt.
  • Holland played professional basketball overseas.
  • He co-created the Zoomtion program.
  • Worked as a personal trainer at Tracy Anderson Studios.
  • Trains celebrities, including Madonna.


  • Josh Holland does not offer fitness or diet programs for the average dieter.
  • Claims to educate dieters on fitness and nutrition, but hasn’t penned a book.
  • Personal training prices are likely out of range for most dieters.


Josh Holland may be a fantastic trainer, athlete, professional and model, but his impact on the diet world for the average dieter is almost invisible. If Holland offers a series of fitness and weight loss books or even a newsletter with free weight loss tips he could provide some benefit to the dieter, but as it stands, Holland is not your weight loss solution.

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