Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program Review

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The Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program is designed to flush toxins from the body and detox all while losing weight. The diet is a fruit juice fast, so dieters need to understand food intake will be severely limited for 7 days. There is a series of pictures showing weight loss progression when the author of the eBook followed the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program. There is little doubt that drinking juice for 7 days will promote weight loss, mostly in the form of water weight, but this diet only lasts those first 7 days. Weight loss often takes months or years to achieve naturally, so what is the dieter to do after the 7 days are over and water weight returns?

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Juice fasting eBook for weight loss.

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For 7 days, the author of the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program wants dieters to drink juice and detox the body. Fruit juice is commonly used to promote bowel movements or treat constipation. Full strength juices also have a diuretic effect. Weight loss is about more than detoxing the body, but that “more” is not supported by the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program. All the author is worried about is selling his 7 days of recipes via eBook. Future weight loss or total weight loss goals are not addressed.

Brendan McCarthy has no medical or nutritional degree. He owns a marketing company and researched the power of juice after losing his brother to cancer. Through years of “research” the author stumbled on a safe and effective means of weight loss involving juicing. There is no mention of owning a juicer for the diet plan, but we assume the recipes require fresh juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables, so the dieter needs to have a juicer at home.

We appreciate the fact that the author is honest about his background, but dieters need more than a sad story to promote a program like the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program. Dieters won’t lose any more than 2 to 3 pounds during the first 7 days of any weight loss program. The rest of the weight loss is water weight.

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  • Promotes healthy juices for improved health.


  • No plan for the dieter after 7 days.
  • The author has no nutritional background.
  • The weight loss on this program is water weight.
  • No exercise plan mentioned.


Juicing is a healthy means of promoting vitamin and nutrient intake, but it is not an effective means of weight loss. When deprived of food, the body shuts down and conserves fat for energy. Drinking juice for 7 days will promote water loss, but that is not the same as weight loss or fat loss.

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17 User Reviews about Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program

  • 1

    I bought the Jumpstart machine toady and i got a small Book inside with the Juice Recipes and the Guide as to how to use the machine. My Problem now i am stucked with the machine because the Book does not Tell me about the amount of juice i should Drink per Day. Also it does Not Tell me if i should stop any other Food during the 7days. Kindly help as to how much Juice should i Take per Day , also during the 7 days should i stop eating any other Food ?


  • 2

    I want a juice for slimming the one that was advertised on TV and it was specified that it can be found in Home Mark


  • 3
    Hannie De Beer

    Excellent,Excellent, Excellent I’ve lost a lot of kilos and my health did improve


  • 4

    Its very good I did it and was very happy it works now I want the soup jumpstart


  • 5

    Can i use ut in RSA and what uf sum of the fruits n vefetables r not available down here.? How does one replace, can i drink if i am going to work, wont it afect my perfonance at work?????


  • 6

    I need to know what amount of soup should be taken daily. It only gives you recepies for 7 days but no daily intake .


  • 7
    Daniella R

    this product is a piece of crap. For starters it does not work and I have to return it to Big W where I bought it. My husband workers for Aust post and has said that each day this product is marked return to sender by many of its buyers like me. The recipes are also boring and can be found on the internet anyway. I noticed this morning that on one of the home shopping y this proiduct now vcahnnels that they are giving away this product now for free when you buy a set of stone pots and pans!!!!!! What a joke.


    Rochelle Costa

    The only joke here is your spelling! So when you get your money back please buy yourself a dictionary. I bought this book and juicer a few years ago when I discovered i had breast cancer. At the time i was weighing 120kg. I camo across Brendon’s book and I did not just loose the weight I am still cancer free! Maybe you just did not try hard enough. I stayed on the juice for six months as I could not eat any food. It gave me energy after cemo treatments and I would recommend it to anyone fighting cancer. I have kept the weight off as well. Rochelle.


  • 8

    Yes,i bought the jumpstart juicer..now i wanted to find out if i skip maybe for midmorning or lunch can pick from were i skipped or continue for supper


    Your Name

    Hi Andrew even if you just replace one meal with a juice you are doing an amazing thing for your body. I would say start as slowley as you can. But I would replace my morning breakfast just to jump start your body.
    Hope this helps. Rochelle Costa


  • 9

    Hi ive been trying been trying to find out price of the jump start juicer but no where to be found some help please


    Rochelle Costa

    If you live in SA you will find it at Home mark or Game stores or even macro.
    I bought my milex that is the name of the juicer. The book comes with the Milex juic machine.
    Hope it helps you.


  • 10

    He owns a marketing company and researched the power of juice after losing his brother to cancer.but dieters need more than a sad story to promote a program like the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program.


  • 11

    Where can I buy the electronic version?


  • 12

    Should I snack and drink detox tea while I’m stil following 7 days proggram


    Pat Koch

    What should I do as the fruit is not in season in South Africa ? Is there a replacement for the each fruit. Thank you


    Rochelle Costa

    Hi Pat. When I was living in SA that is what I did. You can just google the fruit or veg and see what has the closest nutrition value as the one you cannot find. It takes a little work but it pays off. I went on the juice fast and not only am I still cancer free but I lost the weight and kept it off. Juicing is my lifestyle and I became a raw vegan nutritionist. I live in portugal now and I have never looked at any meat ever. My work now is to help other cancer patients like Brendon helped me! Hope it helps. Rochelle.