Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide Review

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The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide is an e-book written by Laura Bruno. She, as part of her International Renaissance Coaching business, offers raw food coaching, and has offered it for the last six years. Her book is available for instant download from her site, for just $14.95. The book is designed to make the raw food lifestyle easier for the average person, by providing a bunch of time saving techniques. Eating a raw food lifestyle is not easy, but it is healthy, and will contribute to weight loss over time.

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The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide starts by asking readers to identify exactly the reasons why they want to use a raw food diet, because knowing these reasons will make it easier for them to follow and maintain the diet. Beyond including really simple recipes in the book, the author also talks about the various ways you can go raw without having to go 100% raw, and how to make going 100% raw easier. She talks about using animal and animal based products, cleansing and detoxing, hygiene, and more. Over the course of the book she discusses how you can be sure to stay nutritionally balanced and avoid deficiency. She talks about the equipment you will need in your kitchen, issues you’re your teeth, eating disorders, and how to maintain a raw lifestyle living with a partner or others who do not want to follow the lifestyle. There is an additional section of the book for the ones who are “super lazy” and want to know where the raw food restaurants are, and what sort of raw food delivery services are available to help.

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  • The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide promotes a healthy diet.
  • The book provides almost 50 really simple recipes.


  • The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide website reads more like a sales page rather than providing real information about the book.
  • A raw food lifestyle is hard to stick to because of its highly restrictive nature.
  • This diet is not specifically meant to produce weight loss.
  • Raw food diets are difficult in social situations.
  • There are no exercise guidelines.
  • There is not a meal plan included in this book.


The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide is designed to make maintaining or switching to a raw food lifestyle easier. Even if you do not go 100% raw, eating more raw foods can help you reach your weight loss goals and improve your overall health. Raw does not have to mean time consuming or expensive. For optimal weight loss, you need to combine a balanced diet with exercise, and may want to consider a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement.

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