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There are many different dieting books available to those who wish to begin a weight loss journey. Most of the books have conflicting advice, making it difficult to know which plan to follow. Further complicating the issue is that some diet plans are supposedly based on scientific research while others are based on anecdotal evidence. Let’s Do Lunch falls into the second category. As with most diets there are fans and critics, consider how the plan works and then decide if it is right for you.


Let’s Do Lunch was written by Robert Wilson, a man who suffered from lifelong obesity and discovered, almost accidentally, how to lose weight. His journey begins with frozen grapes and the book follows his path and offers advice on how others can use his experience to lose weight as well. Numerous testimonials are available in the book and the plan is specifically outlined.


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Let’s Do Lunch breaks down the secrets to a successful diet into what Wilson calls the four secrets. One of the popular selling points for this diet is that it claims to not restrict the types of food you can eat. The first of the four secrets is that fresh fruit should be consumed daily and in large quantities. The second is that lunch should be the main meal of the day. The third is that it is important to choose low fat options, as long as they taste good. Finally, the fourth secret is to exchange, as often as possible, starchy foods with vegetables. The book offers a fourteen day meal plan, some recipes, and limited advice on exercise. For customers who are interested in interacting with others who are following the plan, there is also an active community on Wilson’s website.


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  • This book can easily be found online.
  • There are testimonials as well as before and after pictures on the official website.
  • All money earned from the book is donated to charity.




  • There is no money back guarantee for the book.
  • Not based on scientific research.
  • No dairy allowed in the diet.
  • Very limited carbohydrates allowed.




This diet claims to be nonrestrictive, but in fact has numerous restrictions. Dieters are supposed to eliminate dairy and most carbohydrates, and only have meat at lunch. The diet relies heavily on fruits, and if one does not enjoy fruit, the diet would be especially unpalatable. However, if one likes fruit this may be a good plan to consider because it does not restrict the intake of fruit as other diets often do. Finally, this is a lifestyle change that Wilson continues to use to maintain his weight. For those who are not willing to eat this way forever, it will not be effective in the long run.

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    I was told of this mans diet and I know folks that say it works I plan to try it if it will be ok’d by my Dr.


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    I have several friends on this diet. It IS very restrictive. Yes you will lose weight and also muscle. They lool awful. They have lost too much weight and their skin looks dry and old. Somehthing is missing from this diet. I do not think it is as good an option as portion control and exercise. I do not think it is a long term life committment diet and I hope it is not because there will be nothing left of my friends. The already look malnurished. I hope you will do more research and choose another plan if you read this review.



    I always laugh when you lose weight and a friend says you look malnurished….it is a poor excuse for you friend to say because they obviously can’t lose weight! There is NOTHING missing from this diet! Once you lose the weight you can slowly add some of the items back in if you really want to. The great thing about it too is if you get invited out one night for dinner…..eat and enjoy…..pick up again the next day! I have so much more energy eating my big meal at lunch time and eating a smoothie or light dinner. So much better for your body too! What this has done for me is lose weight that I haven’t been able to do with exercise and it has encouraged me to eat healthy! Now my entire family eats healthy! We eat greens at every meal and a very large portion of them! My kids love them now! I make tons of soups with lots of veggies and change up the meats in them. It isn’t for everyone, if you can’t say NO to sugar…..this isn’t for you because if you sneak a brownie or 2 or 3 you will never lose the weight. It is a lifestyle eating habit change for sure that you need to be committed to! For me, I have gone on it after I had my kids to lose weight and it is the perfect system for me! I even eat dinner at least once a week with my family (what they are eating) and not just my smoothie and maintain my weight! My goal each time was 10 pounds and I lost that within 3 weeks (even being invited out to dinner 3 times!!). I have completely cut out fast food for my entire family for reasons other than losing weight! It just isn’t healthy and once you start eating healthy you will enjoy how you feel!!!


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    Hey, just checkin’ in to make a few corrections. I have the newest version on LDL(the red book) and even though I don’t follow the diet, I really love the healthy recipes.

    1. The author’s name is Roger Troy Wilson, not Robert.

    2. Dairy is allowed in Fat free/low fat varieties…but in small amounts. The fat free/low fat kind can cause cravings and stall weight loss. There are many recipes in the book that include dairy like chicken parm and “Brando’s Lasagna”. Be sure to check out the recipe section of the website where you will find enchiladas, casseroles and soups…all with cheese. Very limited amounts of aged cheeses (ex: Blue, Parmesan) are allowed to enhance salads.

    3. Not all carbs are limited. You get to eat beans, legumes, carrots, butternut squash, beets and fresh corn, in addition to popcorn and corn thins. (an occasional bowl of no sugar added cereal or No Yolks noodles are allowed to keep you from making a worse choice). You won’t go hungry, there is a plenty to eat.

    4. No money back guarantee probably because the money goes to charity, but you get a very inspirational book and at the same time made a donation to charity. That’s a Win/Win to me.

    Too me It doesn’t seem limited because of the incredible versatility of beans. They creatively incorporate them into hamburgers, sausage, smoothies and soups. They are also used in pureed form as a flour replacement in pancakes, muffins, biscuits, etc.

    I just saw that there are new guidelines on the website.


    Your Name

    Well said. Thanks for the corrections.


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    Rose Beach

    The reveiw is not totally correct regarding the Let’s Do Lunch plan. First of all you can eat TONS of carbs! And I mean corn, peas, beans- tons! Anytime! Dairy IS allowed in fat free quanities. Besides that you get all the calcium you ned from all the other foods that you can eat in abundance. I’m not a fruit lover myself. However, on the Let’s do Lunch plan eating fruit has definitely decreased my cravings for sugar-laden sweets. I can’t say enough good things about it! And you lose wight without EVER going hungry!