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MaxOut Body offers the LipoCarb 3X supplement to fight the effects of carbohydrates to lose more weight. According to the product description, the supplement uses branded ingredients from a third-party source instead of formulating a product of their own. The branded ingredients are not the most effective on the market and thus the supplement as a whole has very little to offer the dieter. One bottle of LipoCarb 3X sells for $29.99 on the official website. The user reviews give the product only 3.9 stars out of 5.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C, White Kidney Bean Extract (Phase 2 Starch Blocker), Chitosan (LipoSan Ultra), Garcinia Cambogia, Apple Fiber, Cayenne.

Product Features

In order to learn more about LipoCarb 3X, we had to research the branded ingredients on third party websites. Phase 2 Starch Blocker is made with white kidney bean extract. White kidney bean is supposed to block the enzyme responsible for digesting carbohydrates. If fewer of the consumed carbohydrates are digested then fewer will be available to store on the body as fat. The undigested carbohydrates just pass out of the body. There are clinical studies on both sides of Phase 2 which means some support this claim and others say the product simply does not work.

LipoSan Ultra is a fat blocker. Fat blockers “cling” to fats and prevent them from being digested, much in the same way Phase 2 Starch Blocker works with carbohydrates. Again, there are studies on both sides of the fence. There are over the counter supplements that bind to fat (Alli) but this product does not contain the same ingredients as those supplements.

When you put these two ingredients together in the same supplement you have a carbohydrate blocker and a fat blocker. The only calories the body would be able to use would be from protein. In theory, if the dieter ate 150 grams of protein per day and carbs and fats were blocked, the body would only have 600 calories to work with. That is starvation.

Apple fiber is included in the supplement to slow down the digestive process. This could work to stave of hunger for a short period of time. Cayenne may help increase the absorption of the ingredients.

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  • There are some positive reviews of Phase 2 Starch Blocker.
  • There are some positive reviews of LipoSan Ultra.


  • The ingredient list contains no stimulants.
  • Studies debate the effectiveness of Phase 2 and LipoSan.


We support weight loss supplements with proven ingredients and LipoCarb 3X is just not one of those supplements. The main ingredients have been studied for effectiveness with results both positive and negative. Dieters do not need to spend money to take a chance that a product will work.

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    can you buy lipocarb 3x in stores if so which ones