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What you need to know

The Maggie Drozd diet was devised by one Maggie Drozd, a European television star. In a nut shell, the diet consists of following a secret plan and taking some herbal weight loss supplements. In a published interview with Maggie Drozd she states that she was skiing in Switzerland and was incredibly overweight. Whilst in Switzerland she struck up a friendship with a Polish nutritionist who told her that it was possible to lose weight fast and effectively. This nutritionist then let Maggie in on some weight loss secrets. And of course, on her website she does not tell us what these secrets are! But Maggie Drozd then lost 66 pounds in a very short period of time. This inspired her to create the Maggie Drozd weight loss programme, a major part of which involves taking some herbal weight loss supplements, which she refers to as ‘spice’ supplements. These supplements come in capsule form and the capsules consist of a number of spices.


The ingredients in the Maggie Drozd weight loss supplements include Advantra Z, Cayenne Pepper, Garcinia Cambogia, Ginger Root, Hydroxycictric Acid, Green Tea, Pepper Powder, Green Tea, Pepper Powder, Paprika Powder, Mustard Dry Extract Powder, Caraway Seed Extract.

Product Features

There is no official site for this product and we have had problems actually trying to find information on how much the Maggie Drozd weight loss supplements retail for. There are some online testimonials, including a number from women who have sent a check, but received nothing in return. This makes us very wary of this product.

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  • This product does seem to be available from various online vendors.
  • It would seem that there is a money back guarantee from some vendors.
  • The weight loss capsules do contain some ingredients which are known to have weight loss properties.


  • There do not seem to be any standardized controlled tests that have been carried out on the Maggie Drozd weight loss capsules.
  • We could find no official website for Maggie Drozd products.
  • We have had difficulty accessing information on the price of this product.
  • There are a number of not very positive testimonials on line regarding this product.


Maggie Drozd gives a very enthusiastic interview which has been published online regarding her weight loss programme. The interview apparently took place in a restaurant in London. She says that a number of diet secrets were whispered to her by the Polish nutritionist, but she does not say what they were! The weight loss supplements that Maggie Drozd endorses and helps market contain a number of ingredients such as Green tea extract, Ginger Root and Garcinia Cambogia, which are also present in other weight loss supplements. We could not find any evidence however that the Maggie Drozd weight loss capsules were superior to any other similar products on the market. Until we see such evidence we cannot recommend it over and above any others. Furthermore it would be useful if there were an official web site for this product to give price details and also manufacturer contact details, in the event of any inquiries.

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