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Natural Max Super Chitosan contains a fat- and acid-soluble fiber. This fiber binds to fats in the stomach and slows down the digestive process. As the stomach empties slower than normal, the dieter feels fuller, longer. Chitosan has been tested in various clinical settings with positive results. Many supplement manufacturers list chitosan as a fat-binder. Chitosan is derived from shellfish so dieters allergic to shellfish should not take this supplement as it may cause an allergic reaction.

List of Ingredients

Absorbitol Chitosan Complex: Chitosan and Cellulose.

Product Features

Fiber is commonly used in weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant. There is a common misconception that fiber suppresses appetite. Fiber actually slows down the speed at which the stomach empties. If food stays in the stomach longer, the dieter feels full longer between meals. Natural Max Super Chitosan is a unique supplement that contains a fat-soluble form of fiber. When taken before a meal, chitosan absorbs fat from the food eaten. When the fat is bound to the fiber in chitosan, it cannot be processed as fat and thus moves out of the body during regular bowel movements.

Dieters should not take multi-vitamins within four hours of taking Natural Max Super Chitosan. Multi-vitamins contain fat-soluble vitamins. If chitosan is absorbing much of the fat, the vitamins will not work properly. Chitosan also comes from shellfish, so dieters with shellfish sensitivity should not take the supplement.

Most dieters try to eat a reduced fat diet during weight loss. If the dieter is eating less fat, there is less fat to bind with the chitosan. Theoretically, the dieter following a healthy weight loss diet will not lose much weight taking this supplement because they are not consuming much fat.

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  • The supplement contains only a few ingredients.
  • Chitosan will bind to dietary fats.
  • May help the dieter feel fuller, longer between meals.


  • If the dieter eats less fat there is less fat to bind with chitosan.
  • May inhibit fat-soluble vitamins.
  • May cause negative side effects in dieters with shellfish sensitivity or allergy.


Natural Max Super Chitosan binds to dietary fat. The problem with supplements containing chitosan is the fact that dieters should be eating healthy fats as part of a reduced-fat diet. Healthy fats offer support for cardiovascular health, so we don’t want them to bind with chitosan. Chitosan may work for dieters looking to prepare for a night out with friends when they know they will be eating foods they would not normally eat, but the long-term success of chitosan for weight loss will vary greatly from one dieter to the next depending on dietary choices. There are no stimulants or appetite suppressants in the supplement, but the fiber will slow digestion.

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