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Neopuntia is an “active” ingredient that’s incorporated into dietary supplements. It is manufactured by Bio Serae Laboratories. The goal of this substance is to “interact with fat cells” and assist with weight management. The official website states that Neopuntia is a “100 percent natural and green” ingredient that has been put through rigorous studies and tests. Some current products that contain Neopuntia are Penta Dieta, Diet Bread, Cactus Diet capsules, Nopa-lo, Giorno Notte, Shape Up and OB2. Many of these diet products can be purchased easily online.

Like many key ingredients offered in weight regulation products these days, Neopuntia comes from a natural resource. It is actually derived from “Opuntia ficus indica cactus plants.” The official website claims that Neopuntia is allergen-free, and free of GMOs, which stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms.” Furthermore, this substance is described to be “EU organic certified.” One of the more commonly used forms of Neopuntia is in supplement capsules. These are typically taken three times daily, less than an hour after each meal. A total of 5 grams of Neopuntia is recommended to be taken each day to effectively assist with weight reduction. A healthy diet and regular exercise are also encouraged on the official website. There are over 170 different products that contain Neopuntia at this time. Testimonials for these products are not provided on the website.

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Neopuntia is basically a key ingredient that is added to over 170 different supplements, beverages and food products produced by independent manufacturers to potentially assist with weight management. This substance is taken from the Opuntia ficus indica cactus plants. It is pitched as an all-natural, certified organic component. Overall, oral supplements such as tablets and capsules are the most recommended products with Neopuntia added to them for weight loss assistance. The official website does offer clinical trials and scientific studies to aid in the support of Neopuntia as an effective weight management ingredient. In regards to money-back guarantees, it is not revealed on the official website if each product that contains Neopuntia comes with a guarantee or not.

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  • Neopuntia is stated to be 100% natural and EU certified organic.
  • There are a variety of products and supplements that offer the ingredient Neopuntia.
  • Neopuntia is tested and claimed to be free of allergens.


  • There are no success stories posted on the official website for products that contain Neopuntia.
  • There are no prices posted on the website for products that contain Neopuntia.
  • Other ingredients found in Neopuntia supplements manufactured by independent vendors may be harmful to some users.
  • Neopuntia is not stated to suppress appetite or burn away calories.


In the end, Neopuntia is presented as a fairly safe ingredient found in various diet aids. More and more diet products are utilizing “all-natural” ingredients, as opposed to synthetic components. It’s definitely reassuring to see that Neopuntia is certified organic and free of GMOs. However, it would additionally be nice to see some actual product prices listed on the official website, along with full lists of ingredients for those supplements, beverages or foods. It’s certainly prudent to check into each Neopuntia product individually before actually purchasing it. There could be allergy issues that apply to other components used in products that contain Neopuntia.

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    I’ve blood pressure I want to know if it is good for me or not ?


  • 2
    Hadiza Abari

    Pls how can i purchase neopunta? I’ve used it and want to continue using it.
    Thank you.



    I use a supplement called FatFighters from ItWorks. It has NeOpuntia in them. I take them 15-60 minutes after a large meal to block some of the carbs and fat. You can order online from


  • 3
    Roy Marshman

    where do I buy this supplement from


    Cacia Tanchico

    I use this product called fat fighters from It Works Global. Helped me lose 40 pounds naturally and I’ve kept it off. It uses NeOpuntia and can be taken after every meal to help block 70% carbs and 30% fat.
    You can order it, and contact me directly through my website,


  • 4
    michelle daniels

    i just want to know if there are any side effects?