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The Ultimate New York Diet is a book written by David Kirsch, the celebrity trainer who was commissioned to develop a diet plan for the contestants on the hit television show, Extreme Makeover. The book is the same plan he gave the contestants, so that the public has access to it. If you have been looking for a quick, healthy, way to lose weight this plan may be the right one for you. Read our review to see what we think.

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The Ultimate New York Diet is a quick fix plan for people who need to lose a lot of weight quickly, or have a lot of weight to lose and need motivation. Following this plan will help you lose 14 pounds in two weeks, or one pound per day. Given the nature of the high weight loss in such a short period of time, the diet is highly restrictive, which can make it difficult to stick to for the duration. The diet plan is low carb, and completely eliminates: dairy, coffee, alcohol, fruit, sugar, and bread. The plan is 8 weeks long, where the first two weeks are the most restrictive. For the duration of the plan, you must consume no more than 900 calories per day, which is below starvation level. No allowances are made for gender or activity level. The plan incorporates 90 minutes of intense exercise every day, and at this calorie intake level, this can be difficult to maintain. The author recommends eating high amounts of lean protein and drinking a lot of protein shakes.

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  • The Ultimate New York Diet will produce weight loss results.
  • The book is available from many merchants both online and off.


  • The Ultimate New York Diet recommends dangerously low caloric intake levels.
  • The book promotes intense exercise which can be difficult or impossible to maintain at such low intake levels.
  • The highly restrictive nature of the diet can make it hard to stick to for the duration.
  • There are no allowances for gender or activity level in terms of caloric intake.


The Ultimate New York Diet is not a diet you want to do without medical supervision, given the drastic cut in caloric intake. Eating too few calories can put the body into starvation mode that then causes the metabolism to slow down, causing rebound weight gain when a normal diet is resumed. To lose weight and keep it off, it is best to lose it at a slow and steady pace, typically at no more than two pounds per week. Do this with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement.

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