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The NiGen BioTech The HCG Solution is a HCG drop consumed as a dietary supplement. There are no ingredients or instructions listed on the official NiGen website. Dieters are expected to trust the company and purchase the supplement without this information. The product description specifically states that most people believe weight loss from taking HCG drops like NiGen BioTech The HCG Solution is caused by the extreme diet associated with the supplement. This is the only true statement in the description. HCG supplementation is associated with Dr. A.W. Simeons. The doctor used HCG in combination with a very low calorie diet to cause weight loss. Simeons attributed the weight loss to the HCG, but this supplement has been clinically tested with no weight loss benefits found.

List of Ingredients

HCG drops and very low calorie diet.

Product Features

When following an HCG weight loss plan, the diet starts with two days of extreme eating. The dieter is supposed to eat anything and everything they want in large quantities. After the first two days, the dieter drops calorie intake to 500 or less. Where does the body get the remaining calories it needs for basic body and organ function? Energy is released from the fat cells as HCG convinces the body to use this source of energy when food is not available, according to the HCG theory.

In reality, the extremely low calorie diet is a starvation diet similar to one followed by anorexics. NiGen BioTech The HCG Solution does not promote fat loss or weight loss, the diet promotes weight loss. It is likely that the body will turn to protein for energy and the largest sources of protein in the body are muscles. Humans that do not eat enough protein tend to burn muscle tissue for fuel. As the body eats its own muscle, weight loss occurs. After returning to a normal eating plan, the dieter will gain weight.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is released in the female body during pregnancy. If HCG promoted weight loss, every pregnant woman would be super thin. Clinical studies have been performed on the injected version of HCG, which is much stronger than any HCG drop. These studies resulted in negative results. Dieters did not lose more weight when taking an HCG drop.

One bottle of NiGen BioTech The HCG Solution sells for $39.00.

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  • The product can be ordered online.


  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • Associated with a very low calorie diet.
  • Dieters must eat less than 500 calories per day.
  • The first two days on the diet promote unhealthy food choices.


Dieters simply need to starve themselves and take a few drops and they will never be hungry again. The product claims for HCG are completely untrue as proven by clinical research.

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    Patti Low

    I want to try your product and I would like to know the ingredients that are in your product. Could you please email me these? Thank you Patti