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Nuetrim claims to contain ingredients you will not find in any other weight loss supplement. That is about the only true statement on the website. The ingredient list is packed with health probiotics and gut bacteria proven to aid in digestion and gastrointestinal health, so there is a place for Nuetrim in the supplement market, but that place is not in weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Mangosteen
  • Blueberry Fruit Powder
  • Citrus Bioflavanoids
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis

Product Features

The first eight ingredients in Nuetrim are nothing more than vitamins, particularly B vitamins. B vitamins are used in energy production, which is the main reason they are commonly described as energy boosters. That term is not completely true. B vitamins have a short half life in the human body – you may notice your urine change to a bright yellow color soon after taking a multivitamin or Nuetrim. That bright yellow color is the extra B vitamins the body didn’t need passing out of your body and into the toilet.

After those high doses of B vitamins you have a list of antioxidants and healthy bacteria. We love the Supreme Digestive Vitality Blend in Nuetrim, but not for weight loss and certainly not for parasites. The idea that many humans are running around with parasites living in their bodies is simply a fallacy. The idea scares consumers into purchasing a supplement that contains the same ingredients as an over the counter herbal laxative or digestive support supplement.

There is a bit of green tea in the formula, but we’re pretty certain Nuetrim contains less than the proven amount. The proprietary blend contains 646mg – that is the total weight of all ingredients found in the blend. Typically ingredients are listed in order of weight and green tea extract is closer to the bottom of the list. We’d like to see 300mg to 350mg per dose.

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  • The ingredient list is published on the Nuetrim website.
  • There is some green tea in the formula.
  • May support digestive health.


  • Nuetrim will not effectively promote weight loss.
  • The supplement will not rid your gut of parasites.
  • There are misspelled words throughout the site.


Nuetrim is not your average weight loss supplement because it is not a weight loss supplement at all. The supplement may help you restore bowel regularity and it may reduce bloat and that feeling of fullness associated with irregularity, but weight loss associated with fat loss is not going to be a benefit.

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33 User Reviews about Nuetrim

  • 1

    Could you please tell me how to use the Nue Trim tablets? I bought it last year but haven’t used it yet. Now I don’t know how…


  • 2
    Talita Rautenbach

    Where can I buy Nuetrim bablets? I used it the whole year 2013 and it realy worked for me.


  • 3
    Frances Thompson

    I have been using Neutrim for about 6 months now and it is excellent for digestive problems. I suffer from IBS so regularity is an issue for me, but with this supplement I have been able to stop taking the other fibre product I have taken for several years, and am controlling my IBS better on Neutrim. I dont have side effects and feel great. I have lost almost 4kg (and maintained the loss) using Neutrim as part of my weight loss plan (I also use Cambogia Plus, green tea, Detonate (occasionally) and now follow a fat burning diet plan. Am about to order more Neutrim as it works for me. The only thing I dont like about it (and most other supplements) is the use of fillers.


  • 4

    I am from SA and received my Nuetrim and Nutraburn 10. Is it safe to use?


  • 5

    I was charged Approx $185 AUD when I bought the 5 month monster plan (buy 3 months supply @ $29 AUD each and receive 2 bottles free) + I was charged international Transaction fee – Total $191 AUD charged to my card instead of $$86 AUD + free postage as per their offer via FB. My order took 3 weeks and I have now demanded a refund for the difference but think I may have been ripped off. The offer, now reviewing is very cunning and extremely deceiving. I am willing to go as far as I can to receive my refund for the overcharge, so please guys do not get sucked in!!!


  • 6

    I was charged Approx $185 AUD when I bought the 5 month monster plan (buy 3 months supply @ $29 AUD each and receive 2 bottles free + I was charged international Transaction fee – Total $191 AUD charged to my card instead of $$86 AUD + free postage as per their offer via FB. My order took 3 weeks and I have now demanded a refund for the difference but think I may have been ripped off. The offer, now reviewing is very cunning and extremely deceiving. I am willing to go as far as I can to receive my refund for the overcharge, so please guys do not get sucked in!!!


  • 7

    I purchased Nuetrim and it took a little longer to arrive than I thought. But very happy with results so far. I feel less bloated, so look and feel slimmer in the waist.


  • 8

    Ordered teh product, then saw all teh negative comments, phoned and canceled the order no problem, received refund a few days later, and then last week i received 5 months supply of both nutra burn 10 and nuetim. Skeptically started taking both on Monday – no noticeable affects as stated on their website – so a little dissapointed


  • 9

    I’ve order my order in march and still haven’t receive it’s June now you took my money where is the product


  • 10

    I have oder and received my order within 10 days in NZ. I found the customer service line working 100% and they have returned my email enquiries within 24 hours. I am very happy to try it out, I have nothing to loose but weight.


  • 11

    i would like to know if nuetrim-all natural digestive health can be used when on anti-depressants and anti-convulsive medications for bi-polar mood disorder with depression?


  • 12
    Ros Rowe

    I ordered some Nuetrim in a weak monent then immediately got in touch with the company to ask them to cancel the order. Someone called Rachel emailed to say the order had been cancelled but my refund could take 7 days to appear on my bank statement. That was on 23 March and I am still nearly $200 out of pocket.


  • 13

    Complete scam! I never received my products,despite being told it was shipped out twice! Have rung 9 times to get a refund,which they said my bank as rejected it twice (wot the?) third refund,they are saying I received,but had to fax bank transactions to prove I haven’t. My bank has said if they don’t refund, they will chase it up for me,so maybe other victims could do the same.


  • 14

    Unlike a lot of you, I ordered both NueTrim and Cambogia Trim on the advice of Dr. Oz (a TV personality in the US) I received the pills in about 1 week (Utah to Ontario) and have been using them faithfully. I have successfully lost weight using them together. As one is the colon cleanse and one is a capsule to take 1/2 hour before meals twice a day.


  • 15

    I ordered Nuetrim and Cambogia through FB and I received in 10 days. However at the label, Supplement facts section they said *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration”. It is safe to consume this products?


  • 16

    It took 3 weeks to arrive in South Africa – bear in mind Easter was part of those 3 weeks. just started it – let’s hope it works!



    I live in South Africa ordered it now 5 weeks ago and have not received my product nor do they answer my emails BEWARE



    o also live in south africa i have orderd the nue trim in februarie and recevied it today, i hope it works


  • 17

    finally a positive comment. i ordered nuetrim and got it in about 2 weeks. havent tried it yet but at least its here. post from us to aus


  • 18

    I ordered it got confirmation,but it didn’t come in 3 days.i rang the company & it took 10 days…trust me was worth the wait..! It’s amazing I’m half way through first jar and the weight just falling off I feel great..


  • 19

    Hi guys dont order nuetrim it doesnt work and the company is disgusting. Ive been trying for 3 weeks to get a refund of 50% which I was promised the day I ordered ats it was too late to cancel my order. Ive called them 7 times since then trying to find out whats going on with this refund only to be told for some reason its failed and youlll just have to wait!! They dont reply to emails and when I asked if I could atleast get a call from them or email saying they have successfully completed my refund they said no just keep waiting and call them if it doesnt come. DO NOT BUY DEFINETLY NOT WORTH IT!!!!!


  • 20

    I bought nuetrim. It took 7 days to get to me, here in New Zealand from Saltlake City



    Hi there do you have a contact number for them I ordered too but it’s not here



    Hi fiona, any luck getting your refund frm Nuetrim?.


  • 21

    I have ordered and just received Nue Trim although now thinking it may be a waste of money!


  • 22

    I reckon this is a scam. Ordered and paid online. Didnt get a confirmation email. Tried ringing and no luck. Whats wrong with this company????


  • 23

    Hi there…i have recently bought this product online..[ Nuetrim colon cleanser]..its been a few weeks and i have not received delivery of the product..i am just wondering if this product and website is genuine or what..i have sent out e mails to them and got no reply…please advise



    Hey There,

    Me and my friend ordered Nuetrim and it took over a month to get to us. We thought we had been scammed to as we sent emails and never got a reply and then it just turned up so fingers crossed for you all.



    Hi, did it work for weight loss? I also thought I was scammed but the product turned up 3 weeks after I purchased it…


  • 24
    Kim Finch

    Is a fake site ? Is legit and trustworthy ?

    This Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation

    Site is United States based , But The Real Location is Being Hidden



    i guess it is a fake site….i also did an online purchase and never get the product or a reply to the e mail i sent to them………


  • 25
    Kim Finch

    I paid for my products and despite phoning there contact number was told first product despatched, second time couldnt find order, third time that it was despatched and this was 3 days later than the first date given. Told they are so inundated with orders they cant cope. Checked on the website and there are numerous complaints of people being conned. please check it out before you purchase a thing from these people. I am still trying to get a refund or positive response. Thank goodness there is cyber scam complaint websites you can go to.


    Priya Sethi

    Same here. purchased this product but heard of a lot of complaints. I’ve canceled my credit card and am also attempting to get a refund. Any luck with the refund?