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11/9 Update: Several of our readers have recently alerted Diet Spotlight to a grapefruit-based product going by the name “NuTrim”. This product is not Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan, nor is it the property of FutureCeuticals. FutureCeuticals does not license or endorse the use of the Nutrim® brand in this product, and declares such use counterfeit and an infringement on the Nutrim® patents and trademarks. FutureCeuticals does not offer Nutrim® products for sale or promotion through individuals, vendors, or distributors without license and vigorously pursues the individuals, vendors, and distributors that sell or promote counterfeit Nutrim® products

Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan is a registered trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. (“FutureCeuticals”) and is manufactured under patents licensed exclusively to FutureCeuticals by the United States Department of Agriculture. High cholesterol can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Fat lipids build up in the blood to for a plaque along the insides of arteries. There are many drugs on the market that doctors prescribe to lower cholesterol. The mainstream natural remedy for lowering cholesterol has been to eat oatmeal several times a week. Nutrim® is a supplemental powder made from oat bran fiber and is supposed to help lower cholesterol. The claim is that this supplement has more than twice as much cholesterol lowering beta-glucans than oatmeal. The company’s website claims that Nutrim® helps to curb cravings for unhealthy foods and thus helps with dieting as well.

Nutrim® is claimed to bind in the small intestine with both fats and bile that contribute to high cholesterol and to carry them out of the body. This is the same process as occurs with oatmeal, however Nutrim® is said to be a highly concentrated oat bran fiber that binds even larger amounts of fat and bile. The website claims that it is much easier to take this supplement than to eat two to three bowls of oatmeal each day.

List of Ingredients

Concentrated whole oat bran.

Product Features

Each serving of Nutrim® contains twice the soluble fiber as oatmeal, which has long been touted as a way to naturally lower cholesterol through diet. This product does come in powder form and must be added to food or drink. The directions state that Nutrim® should be taken twice a day: once at breakfast and again at lunch.

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  • Contains 10% Beta-Glucans per serving.
  • Can be mixed with water, juice, yogurt, cereal and smoothies or just sprinkled on top of food.
  • Is considered as safe for low cholesterol diets as oatmeal.


  • Nutrim® must be added to food or mixed with water or juice. Though the company claims that there is no taste, there is a texture that may be hard to get past.
  • While the website claims that Nutrim meet the guidelines set forth by the FDA to claim an “oat heart health” status, supplements are not regulated by the FDA and that implication should not be made.


Nutrim® is a supplement to use in place of oatmeal for lowering cholesterol. Oatmeal has long been proven to provide cholesterol lowering effects do to the fat binding properties of soluble fiber. Very similar in consistency to any other powdered fiber supplement, Nutrim® is to be mixed with liquids such as water or juice, or sprinkled on top of other foods. Since this supplement lowers cholesterol similar to oatmeal. The company’s claims that Nutrim® stops cravings can in part be attributed to the high fiber content.

Though Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan contains no wheat ingredients, it is manufactured through machinery that also processes wheat-containing products and, therefore, is not labeled as “Gluten-Free”.

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  • 1

    I received an ad claiming that Nutrim was made by Novartis however, when I went the the Novartis official site, there was no such product in their product line and the Chairman was not Allen Gregory-Mitchell as stated in the Nutrim advertisement! This seemes to be a scam!


  • 2
    Ellen Ray

    IM NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Im 120 lbs and 5’6, I receved a sample of nutrim in the mail shortly after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My total cholesterol is 208 . My LDL is 138 and my HDL is 58. Which of these levels will nutrim help higher or lower? My dr. also put me on lipitor which I want to stop taking asap. How long begore the nuitrim begins changing my levels. I also have heart disease.


  • 3

    What dose nutrim contain ingredients.


  • 4
    Rita Boschen

    I have been using this product for about two years today I got results from my test and my cholesterol was high it was 283 I take it I. The morning and than for dinner twice a day I eat very healthy I thought my doctor wants me to take flaxseed my question you do you have a diet I can do because if your product and flaxseed don’t lower I will have to take that medicine
    out there. I like your product I just wish it would work for me



    What are the side affects


  • 5
    jane cella



  • 6

    Nutrim also isn’t earmarked as a weight loss product. The product is earmarked for those wanting to lower their bad cholestrol level naturally. The product does a great job curbing my appetite & there’s no added processed sugar which is found in the oat based cereals and instant oatmeal pkgs. Those two attributes have helped me loss weight.


  • 7

    im 85kg how low should i expect my wait loss after the 40tablets?
    is the 40 tablets enough or i should use yhe tablets continously?


  • 8

    I am sorry to hear so many of your received the misinformation regarding Nutrim through the supposed Novartis company. I know that this situation was reported and currently being looked into.


  • 9

    From what I have been reading about this so called “Nutrim” it sounds like a scam.. Anyone is going to lose weight with a lower calorie meal plan and exercise (like it says to do in the brochure I got today).. I say don’t put your hopes of being thin on a poorly written advertisement…
    P.S. If you google the “company” address (620 Park Ave Suite 305, Rochester, NY 14607), the first thing it comes up in the results is the site for the rip off report….



    A definite scam ordered 1 bottle received 4 returned 3, April 2013 still waiting for a refund. The company is located in Utah I’ve spoken to customer service on 4 occasions each time I’ve been assured the refund will appear in my bank statement. They have no intentions of refunding my money.



    ypu guys got the product name wrong. “nu trim” is a different company than the product “nutrim”. Nutrium is a oat based product that lowers your choleastrol like oatmeal does. But mucjh more of the glucins in nutrium than the amount of oatmeal you can eat. I have lowered my cholestrol 30 points in three months by taking this product.



    Marcie, does this product really work? I need to lower my cholesterol and do not want to take prescription drugs. Please let me know your experience with nutrim. I do not want to waste money on a scam!



    I would like to know also if this works. My doctor wants me to start on medicine and I am really opposed Not interested in a scam.

    Your Name

    I have been on nutrim for 1 month and my cholesterol has come down 22 points! Tried Lipitor and side effects were horrible! No side effects from this product.

    Your Name

    I’m writing this comment that what I have used this in the past 6 months, it works for me, I’ve been using my cholesterol medication so long but seems it does not help much even I’m diet. In the past 6 month to routine blood test my ( LDL, bad cholesterol 1480,I went back recheck it reduce to 116,I’m happy with the result, actually I only used 1 scoop a day, this can be used up to 8 times a day, I will continue working on this and will find out on the next blood test, remember is to used this product with the diet food, limiting fast if possible.GOOD LUCK EVRYONES.

  • 10
    D. Coburn

    I got the flyer also…Can’t find anything on-line about the grapefruit tabs


  • 11
    Mary Ann

    Can I order the grapefruit tablets on line?


  • 12
    D. C.

    I got a flyer about the grapefruit tabs also. I can’t find anything about them on the novartis website or any other site. Can someone help me?


  • 13

    I also received a letter about Nutrim weight loss pills containing grapefuit rind which claims to promote weight loss. Does this really work?



    its not nutrim that is the company you are talking about. Thats a different product. NU Trim is the scam company you are gettin problems with.


  • 14
    chris lanahan

    can i order the greapefruit tablets on line???


  • 15

    i received a letter in the mail about Nutrim weight loss pills that contain grapefruit rind. They are not the oat bran product. Do these work for weight loss?


  • 16

    is Nutrim Gluten free?


  • 17
    Chris Hittle

    Will Nutrim lower trigliceride levels?


  • 18
    J Davis

    Can I purchase your Nutrim at a Health Food Store???
    Please send me a E-Mail


  • 19

    Does the nutrim give you alot of gas as do other fiber products such as metamucel? Does it contain phsyllium?


  • 20

    Who want’s to eat three bowls of oatmeal a day?


  • 21
    Annette Williams

    Can I purchase Nutrim at the Health Food Store?


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