Olympian Labs Pea Protein Review

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What You Should Know

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Most protein shakes are created with whey protein. Whey is sourced from milk so the product is not a viable option for vegetarians or vegans. Olympian Labs Pea Protein is derived from yellow peas, also known as split peas. Yellow peas offer a lean source of protein without added carbohydrates or fat so the dieter gets all the benefits of protein without added ingredients. The product is vegetarian and vegan friendly. There are sugar alcohols in Olympian Labs Pea Protein. The negative side effects associated with sugar alcohols may be enough to negative the positive effects of the protein.

List of Ingredients

Pea Protein Isolate, Xylitol, Natural Vanilla Flavor and Stevia.

Product Features

One serving of Olympian Labs Pea Protein contains 105 calories, 1 gram carbohydrate and 25 grams of protein. The natural vanilla flavor combined with sugar alcohols and stevia make for a sweet treat, but there could be some negative side effects associated with the sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols cannot be digested by the stomach. The stomach does not know this so it will try to digest the alcohols without much luck. What happens is gas pockets are created in the bowels causing bloating and gas. In high amounts, sugar alcohols cause diarrhea and cramping similar to those common during a gastrointestinal flu. The body does not get used to sugar alcohols.

If dieters are following a low carbohydrate diet, sugar alcohols can cause weight loss to stall. In some cases, they can kick the dieter out of ketosis causing weight gain, even though the formula is low carbohydrate.

There is no complete vitamin profile added to Olympian Labs Pea Protein so the powder cannot be used as a meal replacement shake. Dieters wishing to use this protein for a meal should take a multi-vitamin or mix the powder with other ingredients like green leafy vegetables and fruit to provide all the vitamins needed from a meal.

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  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly protein.
  • Lean protein with few carbohydrates.
  • Mixes well in water and soy milk.
  • Great taste.


  • Contains sugar alcohols.
  • May cause gastrointestinal side effects.
  • Not a complete meal replacement.
  • May not mix well in warm liquids.


If a dieter is following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, Olympian Labs Pea Protein is the ideal protein. The supplement contains no animal ingredients and the mix contains few calories, but there are no vitamins and minerals in the powder. The dieter needs to add fruits and vegetables in order to complete the meal if used as a meal replacement shake mix. The mix is gluten and cholesterol free. Olympian Labs Pea Protein will not increase metabolism or weight loss.

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