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POMx, developed by POM Wonderful, is a line of food and drink products commonly sold in grocery stores. The products are not considered supplement, but they do contain antioxidant, vitamins and healthy nutrients. The official website for POM Wonderful shows several POMx products on the front page, including POMx Antioxidant Super Tea, POMx Antioxidant Recovery and POMx Shot. All products contain pomegranate, thus the name POM.

List of Ingredients

Healthy foods and drinks with pomegranate extract and / or juice.

Product Features

POMx is described as a super antioxidant. Antioxidants are a hot commodity right now, with many supplement companies delivering super fruits, super vegetables and super green tea supplements with strong antioxidant profiles. Antioxidants naturally occur in the body and nature. They are used by the body to kill off free radicals. Free radicals occur during the conversion of oxygen to water on a cellular level. Sometimes, free radicals escape through the cell wall and take over healthy cells for fast reproduction. As the cell reproduces free radicals, it dies. Then the new free radicals move on to healthy cells and the process repeats.

The body is prepared for escaping free radicals with natural antioxidant production. When dieting and exercising, more free radicals are formed. Sometimes the body cannot produce enough antioxidants to fight all the free radicals so supplements are needed. POMx products have a high ORAC value. Higher ORAC values mean stronger antioxidant benefits.

In terms of weight loss, POMx offers no benefits. Antioxidants do not increase metabolism, burn fat or reduce appetite, but they do help counteract the free radicals caused be healthy life choices like walking, weight training and exercising.

POMx is available in most major grocery stores, usually in the dairy section. Prices typically start at about $4 per bottle. Snacks and supplements may sell for more.

The official POM Wonderful website offers information and articles on pomegranate and other antioxidants.

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  • Pomegranate has a high ORAC level.
  • POMx is generally available at most grocery stores.
  • The price is less than most weight loss supplements.


  • Antioxidants have no weight loss benefits.
  • POMx contains calories.
  • Not every dieter needs antioxidant support.
  • Green tea is an antioxidant proven to increase weight loss.


If we were to choose an antioxidant, it would be green tea over POMx any day. Green tea is backed with weight loss and other health benefits. This means the dieter gains the health benefits of an antioxidant and a boost to metabolism at the same time. Green tea is less expensive than POMx and it is widely available all over the world. Packaged with a little caffeine, green tea is a better weight loss solution than POMx.

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