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ProSlim Plus has been deemed unsafe for use as a weight loss product. The supplement included prescription medications in the mix without approval from the FDA. Supplements cannot include medications that require medical supervision and ProSlim Plus did just that. The unlisted ingredient, Sibutramine, is marketed as a strong appetite suppressant. Dieters trying to lose weight with the help of a doctor may be prescribed the medication to fend off hunger. ProSlim Plus was tested and the ingredient was found in the formula, thus making the sale of ProSlim Plus illegal.

ProSlim Plus can no longer be found online through a reputable website. Some websites list the supplement for sale, but there is no way to telling whether the supplement being sold is true ProSlim Plus or some other supplement being sold under that name.

List of Ingredients

Lingzhi, Fox-nut, Tuckahoe, Seman pruni, Dioscoreae, wheat germ, natural substance and Sibutramine.

Product Features

When the Food and Drug Administration in the United States started receiving reports of shortness of breath, increased blood pressure and internal bleeding associated with a weight loss supplement, they immediately brought ProSlim Plus into the lab. Once tested, Sibutramine was found in the formula but was not listed on the label. Dieters had been consuming Sibutramine without a prescription. The medication comes with a long list of potential side effects and is not right for everyone.

Lingzhi, the main ingredient, is thought to have multiple uses in alternative medicine. Cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are among the many uses found online. In terms of weight loss, there is no known connection, but if the manufacturer knew Sibutramine was added to the supplement, Lingzhi could be an attempt at lowering increased blood pressure from the medication.

Fox-nut is used for anti-aging – there are no links to weight loss that we could find. Seman pruni is a natural laxative, which could cause some increase in weight loss, though limited and temporary. Natural substance is an unknown ingredient and we never support unknown ingredients.

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  • None.


  • Pulled from the market for prescription medication ingredients.
  • No longer available for sale.
  • Ingredients are not effective for weight loss without Sibutramine.
  • Severe side effects are associated with ProSlim Plus.


Dieters who find old stores of ProSlim Plus should throw them away. If any online stores sell the product, they should not be trusted. ProSlim Plus was pulled from the market because of health risks including increased blood pressure, allergic reactions and irregular heartbeats. Supplement companies that use prescription medications without revealing those ingredients on the label take the lives of dieters into their own hand and that is not acceptable. There are healthy, herbal ingredients that can increase weight loss.

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    Marilyn Davis

    I noticed that you charged me for more of your product.I DON’T want anymore of this produuct.Can I send this newest order back to you and you put the amount taken out of my account back in. I would greatly apprecate it if you would.Marilyn Davis.


  • 2

    I have been taking a product called Reishi slim with some of the same ingredients listed in this product.
    Red Reishi, Fox nut,tuckahoe, semen pruni, wheat germ, ginseng,yam,semen cassiae, dark plums.
    Does this product have the same product called Sibutramine?