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There are always new diet pills being released online. Unfortunately some of these products are scams. One thing to look out for is the auto-charge program that many diet pill companies use. This basically consists of a “free trial” offer of the diet pill, but you will notice that the website will ask for your credit card information in order to ship you the product. This way after a certain number of days, they can charge you for the diet pill. This charge can range from $50 to $100 or more. Not to mention, you will likely be charged each month thereafter. The product we are focusing on in this review is Pure AfricanMango. The problem is there are numerous diet products like this.


  • African Mango Extract

Product Features

Pure AfricanMango is basically a generic name that is used on many weight loss pills found online. Some variations are African Mango Pure, Pure African Mango, African Mango Diet, and 100% African Mango pills. Regardless, this supplement is claimed to help you lose weight by burning off fat and boosting the metabolism. It may also increase energy levels. As for the cost of Pure AfricanMango, it varies depending on the distributor. Sometimes the price is not disclosed.

The core ingredient used in Pure AfricanMango supplements is African Mango Extract. This natural extract is supposed to boost the metabolism and increase energy levels. However, it is not backed by solid clinical research. This popular weight loss ingredient is reminiscent of Acai Berry Extract, which is also commonly marketed as a weight loss ingredient. There may be other key ingredients used in the Pure AfricanMango supplement, depending on which one you choose.

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  • African Mango Extract is a natural substance.
  • Pure AfricanMango pills are conveniently available on the web.


  • There is no proof that African Mango encourages fat loss.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to Pure AfricanMango pills.
  • There may be an auto refill/auto charge program that applies to this diet pill.
  • There are more promising weight loss supplements available.


Take a good look at the official website for any Pure AfricanMango or African Mango Pure diet pill you consider. Check to see how long the company has been around, whether or not the actual price is posted, and if there are any customer testimonials. You should also look for a solid refund guarantee, just in case the supplement fails to work. Unfortunately we do not recommend that you buy Pure AfricanMango pills, simply because there is no clinical research supporting this key ingredient as a true weight loss ingredient. Luckily there are alternative diet pills available that do work.

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