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The Rave diet lifestyle began when a man had several family and friends suffer from cancer. He started a diet that was based on eating healthy foods that did not have artificial ingredients. The letters in the word Rave stand for no refined foods, no animal foods, no vegetable oil, and no exceptions! This diet has proven to be very healthy, but many people that go on the Rave diet lifestyle are miserable because they cannot eat the foods they love. This diet can also be very costly. Many all-natural and unrefined foods can be very expensive. Overall, this is a great diet for a small number of people, but for most people, this is a very difficult diet to follow.

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The Rave diet lifestyle features a very strict eating plan. This diet has been loved by some, but hated by many. This diet is extremely strict about what you are allowed to eat, and many people cannot bear to give up the foods they love. No animal products are allowed at all. This means no meats, no eggs, and no animal by products. There are also no refined foods and no vegetable oils that are allowed to be consumed. Many people that are on the Rave diet also complain that it can be difficult to get all of the vitamins and minerals that are needed each day because of the narrow selection of foods that are allowed.

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  • This diet is very healthy, and people feel better when they are on the Rave diet.
  • The Rave diet lifestyle is easy to follow and there are no complicated instructions involved..


  • The Rave diet lifestyle can be quite expensive when users have to purchase all natural foods..
  • Many people that have used the Rave diet have complained that it is difficult to get the essential vitamins and minerals that they need..
  • People that has followed this diet feel that giving up all of the foods they love can be very difficult and they believe that it is not worth it.


The Rave diet lifestyle is very easy to follow and people like knowing which foods are OK to eat, and which foods are not, but most people believe that this diet is too restrictive. Rave diet does not allow users to eat many products that are consumed on a daily basis, and users feel that that is too much. Many people also complain that it is too expensive to follow and that it can be difficult to get the nutrients that you need. The Rave diet lifestyle is good for a select few, but for most people, this is a diet that is too restrictive.

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    Ben Harris

    This diet that my wife and I started eight days ago, is a little confusing. There’s lots of foods to avoid, then some of those very ingredients are in foods that are ok. For instance; no milk, but milk is in 100% whole wheat bread. Also, some dressings have milk, eggs, etc. How am I supposed to handle this? Thank-You.


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    Most dressings have oil which you are supposed to avoid. But to get a correct answer go to RAVES website an ask on their contact tab. Just anyone answering here is not that knowledgeable and may steer you wrong unintentionally.


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