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Red-Light Therapy is an infrared system that looks like a tanning bed with red lights. We found information on the beds listed on websites for tanning salons, not weight loss clinics or doctor’s offices. Red-light therapy is marketed as an anti-aging treatment. The lights, according to multiple descriptions we found online, burn 500 calories per session. With regular use, if that calorie burn is accurate, the dieter could burn up to 2,000 extra calories per week using the Red-Light Therapy table.

We also found in formation on Quick Slim Lipo, which uses red LED lights to slim the body. The term weight loss solution is used multiple times on the site, but at no point does the information on the red-light therapy claim to reduce weight, just inches.

List of Ingredients


  • Infrared light table.

Product Features

We are a little skeptical about red-light therapy weight loss. A few websites mention increased calorie burn and others do not mention calories, but they do mention losing inches with regular therapy. The red-light therapy sites that mention calorie burn do not offer before and after photos, but the Quick Slim Lipo website does offer photos of inches lost after using red-light therapy. We noticed the main photo the company uses to promote red-light therapy looks like two different models. If the two models are the same, the tape measure is placed on a different place on the stomach slightly higher than the first measurement. In the before photo the person holding the measuring tape places her finger behind the tape, adding length so it looks like the second measurement is shorter by about two inches.

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  • Red-light therapy may have beneficial medical uses.
  • Available at tanning salons and weight loss clinics.
  • May be less expensive at tanning salons.


  • No clinical links to studies proving weight loss.
  • The before and after photos do not look accurate or realistic.
  • There are no testimonials or before and after photos via most tanning websites.
  • No support for the claims you will burn 500 extra calories.


The Red-Light Therapy processes we found look more like fad body reduction programs than real weight loss solutions. If the red-light therapy bed does burn an additional 500 calories per session; the answer to weight loss has been found. With a healthy diet, exercise and daily red-light therapy the dieter could lose weight quickly – but this is not likely to happen though diet and weight loss are two proven tools that lead to weight loss and cost nothing.

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    I have my second session tommorrow and really have no positive opinion yet. I purchase a 6 session groupon and will have a better decision after my third visit.


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    Red Light Therapy does not burn calories, it emulsifies fat cells. If you burn 350 calories with exercise or Whole Body Vibration Machine after the Red Light Treatment it sends the emulsified fat throught the limpatic system. (estimated between 40% – 62%)



    I am thinking of trying just wonder ehst a session is like?


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    Had “laser lipo red therapy and it does work



    Hi Jenn, can you tell me more? It seems like a lot of money and sort of a gimmick. I went for one session via groupon but have not decided yet to continue.


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