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Revatrol is an herbal supplement aimed at providing people with the benefits of red wine without actually drinking red wine. According to some scientific research, red wine aids in reducing cholesterol levels and maintaining normal weights despite eating higher fat diets. This effect is known as the “French Paradox”. The French, as a society, consume red wine on a daily basis, eat higher fat foods, yet test healthier on some tests than other Western cultures. Some believe the difference is in the red wine and with Revatrol, everyone will be able to feel the “French Paradox”.


Trans-Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Quercetin.

Product Features

The Revatrol website offers contact information and online ordering. There is a listed phone number and address where patients seek medical appointments for an office visit. The ordering information on the website offers a one month supply of the Revatrol for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. There are 3 month and 6 month supplies also offered on the website. The return policy states there is a 30 day money back guarantee on all Revatrol orders.

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  • Red wine may increase overall body health.
  • All ingredients and amounts are listed on the website.
  • The Revatrol company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • The Revatrol supplement is high priced.
  • There is no information on weight loss and using Revatrol.
  • There are no testimonials on the website.


Revatrol is based on the scientific research on red wine. The “French Paradox” is referred to several times in the information on the Revatrol website. This is the term for the idea that French people eat foods with more fat that other Western cultures and gain less weight. This antioxidant may help with overall body health but may not help with weight loss. We tend to support weight loss supplement geared directly toward suppressing the appetite and increasing the fat burned in the body. This product will not offer that effect.

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  • 1
    jackie c short

    i order revatrol been takeing about 2 month,i have seen no results at all.(DR GUST) big scam. good luck can’t get your money back.


  • 2
    charles beekee

    is it safe to take revatrol even if my kidneys are only operating at 17 percent.


  • 3
    B Durard

    I love this but both my mother & I have had a bladder infection after taking it for 6 months is there anything in this that would cause this?


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