Solaray D Mannose Review

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Solaray D Mannose is a natural supplement that supports the urinary tract. Dieters may not see the benefit of taking urinary health supplements, but they do have a huge place in weight loss. During weight loss, many dieters find they are drinking less water than they need to. Exercise increases water requirements, but for some reason dieters have trouble meeting the body’s needs. This can affect urinary tract health as the body is shedding fat and that fat is washing out of the body during urination. Solaray D Mannose contains a natural sugar that may support urinary health, but it also contains two proven ingredients well-known in the supplement industry – vitamin C and cranberry extract. There are no known side effects of taking the ingredients in this supplement in the doses included, but dieters should always consult with their doctor before starting a new supplement.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C, D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract.

Product Features

Vitamin C is first up on the ingredient list. We would like to see more than 30 mg of vitamin C in this supplement. The dieter can take a daily multivitamin and consume more than 30 mg, but that could be why Solaray included less than optimal amounts. If the dieter is already taking supplements that contain vitamin C, more would just increase potential gastrointestinal side effects.

D Mannose is the sugar that may promote urinary tract health. The product description explains nothing about D Mannose and there are no clinical studies listed to support any of the product claims. Solaray needs to offer proof that this sugar has any effect at all on urinary tract health.

Pulling up the rear is cranberry extract. Cranberry juice has been used for decades to promote urinary tract health. While there is no clinical evidence listed for this ingredient, it is not really needed because the ingredient is so well known.

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  • Ingredients for Solaray D Mannose are listed online.
  • The supplement is available from multiple websites.
  • May be less expensive than competitor products.
  • Contains cranberry extract and vitamin C.


  • Does not contain a lot of vitamin C.
  • No clinical proof supporting D Mannose is listed.
  • May not have the same effect as supplements with more vitamin C.


Cranberry juice is one of those old home remedies that just works. We love the fact that Solaray D Mannose contains vitamin C and cranberry extract, but we would like the company to spend a bit more time proving the effect of D Mannose to the dieter. There are no weight loss benefits associated with vitamin C, D Mannose or cranberry extract.

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