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The South Beach Wake-Up Call by Dr. Arthur Agatston is a book about the state of the human condition in the world. The subhead of the book title mentions the idea that people are getting heavier and sicker as the years go on. That is due to toxicity in the environment and our diets, according to the author. We assumed this book would have something to do with the South Beach diet, but the first brief description we read said nothing about the lower carbohydrate plan known as South Beach. Agatston is the author and creator of the South Beach diet plan, but this book is not necessarily a diet book for people who want to learn the South Beach diet.

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  • Book about why the world is overweight and sick and how to change it.

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Obesity is on the rise and Dr. Arthur Agatston, the creator of the South Beach diet, claims he knows why things are happening the way they are and how to stop the toxins of the world from affecting our weight and health.

At the top of the list are bad food choices. People choose to eat out for convenience and they often choose fast food because the price is right. Fast food and restaurant food are two of the causes of poor health and weight gain – as mentioned by more than just one expert, doctor and author, but what if those choices were actually causing a worldwide epidemic of weight gain? Many experts agree with Agatston that choosing the right foods and leaving behind the convenience is at the heart of changing the face of the world and improving the health of millions of people.

The South Beach Wake-Up Call goes so far as to outline specific healthy foods and superfoods. It gives dieters lists of foods they should be skipping and talks about the importance of exercise and fitness.

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  • This book could be the wake-up call some dieters need to stop eating poorly.
  • Fitness and healthy eating is supported by the doctor.


  • May be a bit more abrasive than the reader wants a diet book to be.
  • Readers may think the book is about the South Beach diet, but it is not.


The creator of the South Beach diet seems to be tired of an ever-growing world. He wants to set the records straight once and for all. Diets need to be based on whole, healthy foods that support overall health and well-being and exercise is crucial to long-term health. These are the points of the South Beach Wake-Up Call.

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