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The Book of Muscle is a publication by Men’s Health. Men’s Health is a magazine for men who are interested in choosing the best foods and workouts for optimal health. You can learn tons from the magazine, but this book is like a complete resource of muscle building, physique and bodybuilding. This is not a bodybuilder guide, per se. You will not find all the detailed information needed to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

The book is available new, used and in Kindle format. You can read more than 100 reviews and even view images from customers. Amazon is amazing in that they will pay you if you choose to sell the book back after you finish reading, so that impacts the final price. The lowest price we noticed for the book was $10 used.

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Book on muscle and fitness from Men’s Health.

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Though this book is associated with Men’s Health magazine, the two listed authors are Ian King and Lou Schuler. These authors have multiple publications and many of these publications are widely regarded as expert pieces in the fields of fitness and muscle anatomy.

The Book of Muscle is not necessarily for the beginner. This is a book that accomplished lifters turn to when workouts are not working the way they should. According to the book description, just about every answer to every question you could possibly have about building muscle is answered in this book. So, even if you have the perfect workout, dedication and supplement schedule – you now have the answers to the WHY questions about muscle-building.

The book includes three workouts – each six months long – but Ian King. These workouts are progressive, so your muscles will never know what hit them. You will notice immediate results and long-term results without the plateaus you are used to.

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  • The book has some fantastic editorial reviews.
  • More than 100 positive reviews.
  • The authors are widely regarded as experts in the field of muscle and fitness.
  • The book has the Men’s Health name and support.


  • Learning workouts from a book can be difficult for some people.
  • Despite the amazing reviews, there are less than 200 customer reviews on


The Book of Muscle from Men’s Health is like a resource book for building muscle. The people who will likely get the most from the book are those who already know a lot about building muscle – but have questions and want to learn more about how the muscle works natively.

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