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The Diet for Teenagers Only is a diet program designed by authors Barbara Schroeder and Carrie Wiatt to cater to the 13-19 year old range. While there may be plenty of other diet books on the market, this one is designed specifically with a growing teens needs in mind. The format is easy for this age range to read, and the program is simple to follow. Instead of worrying about your teen going on a crash or fad diet, this book will help teach them how to eat healthy without risking the health of their growing bodies.

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The Diet for Teenagers Only is a book sold at most major retailers and online. The book itself helps to deal with problems that teenagers face, including weight and self esteem. Written in an easy to understand format, this book is designed for teens aged 13-19. The book includes information on how to plan meals based on calories, how to shop, and even has some simple to make recipes that teens can easily handle.

The Diet for Teenagers Only is an interactive program. The book includes charts for teens to track what they eat each day, as well as tracking guides for success. There are also cutouts that show what a healthy portion size should look like.

The Diet for Teenagers Only program is designed specifically for a teens body. Instead of following crash diets that can lead to further weight gain and health problems, the idea of this book is to teach healthy eating patterns early on that can be used for a lifetime of healthy living later.

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  • The fact that the book is designed specifically for teens is a huge advantage. Growing teens have much different dietary needs than adults.
  • The easy to read format is perfect for young adults.


  • Older teenagers may find this book a little on the campy side. It tries to reach a very broad audience, but can lose the attention of older teens quickly.
  • While the book will help with teaching healthy eating patterns, these patterns change as you age. This means what you get from this book may be outdated for your body in just a matter of a few years.
  • The book is designed with girls in mind. Young teen boys will be put off with the ‘girly’ language and references.
  • Teaching a teen how to shop for food will help them later in life. For the time when they rely on parents though, this section may not make much sense.


For any teenage girl who is suffering because of added weight, this book can help. However, there may be other methods that can help with the issues in a more immediate way. Adding something that will increase metabolism along with the ideas in this book may actually serve a teen better in the long run.

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