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The Good Enough Diet is precisely what the title represents. The purpose of the book is to promote weight loss without aiming for perfection. It is about doing your best in regards to nutrition and exercise without having your family or work life suffer for it. Read this review if you believe that you never quite reach the ability to devote 100% to every facet of your life.

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The Good Enough Diet is the work of Tara Diversi, a registered dietitian and Dr. Adam Fraser, who is an exercise physiologist. The entire book is an education in proper eating and nutrition along with a regular routine of exercise. These two experts promote balancing healthy living with the chaos of everyday life. The Good Enough Diet is about releasing the guilt over not being able to stick to your healthy eating plan 100% of the time. To quote Tara “it’s about eating proactively, not reactively”. The retail price of this book is $29.95, although at the time of writing this review Amazon has it listed for $28.75

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  • The Good Enough Diet offers sensible solutions for busy lives.
  • The book offers a complete solution of diet and exercise in balance.


  • The Good Enough Diet does not include recipes.
  • Reading a book will not be enough to produce real weight loss results.
  • The Good Enough Diet may not be rigid enough for those with no willpower.
  • There is no real measurement of “good enough” therefore you do not know if you are putting in the right effort to make a difference in your weight loss effort.
  • Your “good enough” dietary changes may not truly be enough to help you lose weight.


The Good Enough Diet is one that contains all of the information one needs to launch their weight loss journey. Some people may find the lack of a specific program to be a turn off. Others may find that this is the answer they have been looking for. Anyone with a busy life will be able to relate to quitting one diet program after another because they “fell off the wagon”. This program focuses not only on nutrition and exercise but in a person’s emotional state. It encourages readers to keep pressing onward and releasing the guilt. If you are in need of recipes to aid in that journey, consider purchasing a healthy eating cookbook to help create delicious and easy to make meals. You may not be ready to give up that bag of chips or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Adding supplements to your diet can help to get the vital nutrients your body needs to get moving and feel better. These supplements can also help suppress appetite and burn fat so you get better results, faster.

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