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The Jump Start Juicer System is a seven day juicing program created by fitness expert Brenden McCarthy. He originally developed his plan to help his father treat his heart disease, but he started following the plan to combat his weight issues. He determined it was able to produce a great amount of weight loss in a short amount of time, and even helped him fight the fatigue issues he had been having. He says those who follow his program will lose weight, get healthier, see younger looking skin, have more energy, and even have better concentration.

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The Jump Start Juicer System requires dieters to drink nothing but fresh made juice for a week. This allows for you to stay nourished while flushing the body of toxins to allow for rapid weight loss. He says one of the biggest reasons why people gain weight is because body cannot release fat, as it serves to protect the body from toxins. The body wants to hold onto the fat so the toxins are not released to the blood stream where they can cause harm. After the toxins are flushed from the body, it can start releasing fat, and will do so quickly. Juice is easily digested so the energy saved there can be used by the body to combat chronic illness. If you are eating high amounts of fast food and processed items, you should not start the juice fast right away and instead increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables for a few weeks before starting the juice fast. Exercise is not recommended because it will use more energy that your body should be using to get rid of the toxins. You are advised to participate in yoga to help decrease toxins.

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  • This program is easy to follow.
  • This program promotes more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • The quick weight loss results from this plan can help motivate dieters to continue with another weight loss program.
  • Recipes and shopping lists are included.
  • Nutritional information is available about all the juices in the plan.


  • You will need to invest in an eclectic juicer to follow this program.
  • This may cause the metabolism to slow down, leading to rebound weight gain when you start eating again.
  • This program may difficult to follow if you are around others eating solid foods.
  • This program requires you to eliminate all solid foods.
  • This program may produce uncomfortable side effects: headache, insomnia, etc. as the body detoxes.
  • Juice is high in carbs and may make it hard for some dieters to adjust to.


The Jump Start Juicer System is a good way to jump start your weight loss efforts with another diet or weight loss program, but is not ideal to stick to for more than a week.

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2 User Reviews about The Jump Start Juicer System

  • 1
    arthur du preez

    Hi I need to lose up to 35 kgs will this plan help me ..have you got a plan for someone that needs to lose that often can I use this juicer, and how long a break between going on a 7 day diet .can you help…regards arthur


  • 2
    lee philip

    I have a problem juicing
    asparagus,mint and other herbs
    the machine throws out the herbs can I solve this problem?