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The Men’s Health Diet was created by the authors of Men’s Health Magazine. The official website for the Men’s Health Diet lists Superfoods on the front page. These Superfoods include ribs, pizza and hot dogs, according to the pictures. If a dieter can lose weight eating these foods, there is no reason to try another diet. The plan claims the dieter does not have to diet and they don’t have to complete hard workouts to transform the body from flabby to muscle. For dieters who want to learn more about approved foods, there is some information on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Diet plan for men from Men’s Health Magazine.

Product Features

What can the dieter eat on the Men’s Health Diet? According to the official website, fast food, pepperoni, waffles and ribs are ideal for losing weight. There are some specific foods listed, however, including dry rub ribs from Applebee’s and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni. If the dieter wants to visit Chick-fil-A, they should order a grilled chicken sandwich with a fruit cup in place of fries. Beer is also on tap as long as you choose a Guinness Draught. There are so many branded foods listed in the 250 Best Foods for Men, we wonder if these companies paid for the sponsorship.

Another small link on the Men’s Health Diet page links to tips for improving sex life. Dieters will increase testosterone and last longer than they have in years. This is clearly for the male reader and has nothing to do with dieting. Some men do report having erectile dysfunction when carrying extra weight, so there could be a connection between sex life and weight loss.

So what do dieters eat on the Men’s Health Diet – we have no idea how to answer this question. There are pictures of food all over the website and references to exercise, but no details are provided. The dieter must pay $32 for the diet book to find out the specific details. There are testimonials supporting the diet, but none include before and after photos.

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  • The plan allows fast food and beer.


  • No details about the diet are included on the official website.
  • Designed just for men.
  • Dieter may have trouble eating only certain fast foods.


The Men’s Health Diet promotes fast food and beer as being part of a weight loss plan. There is a huge push regarding sex and muscle building, making this diet clearly for men. We did not find one section that detailed the plan or gave us even the smallest reference to how men eat to lose weight. This is considered a no diet diet for the manly man.

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