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The People’s Chemist is a website founded by Shane Ellison, a chemist who believes more in natural cures than mainstream medicines. Though the website has little to say about weight loss, the aim is to help people be as healthy as possible without prescription medicines. The language of the website is rough and shows some hostility towards pharmaceutical companies, but Ellison makes it clear that he does not like the side effects of many drugs on the market. That the website founder is a chemist means that he most likely is very knowledgeable about the effects of chemicals on the human body.

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There are several sections on the People’s Chemist website. Ellison explains his motivations for founding his site. He also explains vaguely why he believes that prescription medications are harmful. However, there is a part of the site where Ellison is selling some supplements that he believes will be beneficial to someone who wishes to give up prescriptions. He also believes that eating non-nutritious food is the cause of many problems for people, so he stresses eating well rather than depending only on the supplements he is selling.

It seems that there is much information available for consumers on Ellison’s site, but the information must be paid for before it can be accessed. He claims that there is an $8 cancer treatment available, but the information must be purchased before the consumer can truly benefit from the knowledge.

Ellison’s blunt way of saying things on his site is amusing, but without the information readily available, it is easy to take his message as not being as serious as he wants the reader to believe. Even though Ellison is a professional chemist, the lack of professionalism on his site is a turn-off. Despite this, it is still easy to see that he truly is passionate about natural nutrition and remedies, and that passion and knowledge are convincing when it comes to his message of eating healthy and taking supplements in order to prevent disease and weight gain. The people’s Chemist website has a section about fat loss, but that information cannot be accessed without purchasing something.

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  • Shane Ellison is a knowledgeable chemist, and therefore knows what the side effects of certain chemicals would be and how they would effect the human body.
  • Stresses natural remedies and treatments instead of synthetic and chemical methods of treating the body.


  • Information on the site is not available unless the reader purchases something.
  • Not a weight loss solution in its focus.
  • Unprofessional language combined with little information directly available makes the site seem like a rant.


Shane Ellison certainly is passionate about what he believes concerning prescription medicines versus natural remedies and prevention of disease. If someone is willing to purchase the information and supplements, then they might benefit from the emphasis on natural health.

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  • 1

    Horrible customer service. Read reviews on every site you can for this diet. They’re all shockingly bad. My experience was so bad that I can’t believe he’s in business and I am going to join everyone else who has had the same experience, and warn everyone I can. Run. He is a thief, liar, and cruel Human.


  • 2
    william redden

    is this safe for people who haves sezires or on medication for it?


  • 3

    I have tried several supplements offered by the People’s Chemist, and they all work as advertised. I have re-ordered them. I was very skeptical about Relif FX, and if would really eliminate pain so quickly and efficiently. I am delighted to day it does, and I have given them to friends who have migrains, joint pain and back paid and all of them came back to thank me. I believe he is the real deal.


  • 4
    T. A Barker

    What are the side effects of cinnenergy?


  • 5

    Has anyone tried the sugar detox? It does not tell you how many tabs you are to take of each supplement or the mg dose either. So far I just have been taking 1 of each daily in the morning? Does anyone know the specifics? Everything on my body is swelling and getting hard but not in a lean sexy way that I was hoping for… it’s more like a heavy, bulky, fat person shape but hard at the same time. My lower stomach is extending and my rear is growing up and out and my legs feel like weights


  • 6
    Mike Smith

    I’m a 65 yr. old male, 5’11, 170#. I do yoga and aside from some arthritis, I’m in pretty good condition, and not on any medications, except ibuprofen. After a bout with Prostrate Cancer 5 yrs. ago, I gained about 10# and started to develop some stubborn belly fat and “love handles”. I wanted to flush out my system, so I tried the $1.41 cleanse, following your directions to the letter. I didn’t expect to lose 10#, but was disappointed that nothing extraordinary happened. Any thoughts?


  • 7
    Brenda Phillips

    Do not try this product!!!!! It cost me $80.00 to try it!! It is very expensive at $297.00 to start! They promised a 20 % discount, which I thought would be taken out at the checkout process but it was not. The drink tastes HORRIBLE!!!!!!!. After using it for 2 weeks , without any results,I returned it. Postage was a whooping $20.00. Then they deducted 20% for their so-called restocking fee. When I mentioned that they were supposed to give me a 20% discount to start, and they should not charge me the restocking fee, they replied that they will send me the ‘appropriate’ refund. I will never do business with this company again!!!! And yes he is very crude and crass in his writings. Very LOW CLASS!!


  • 8

    Is there a coupon or free shipping for Cinnergy? Another company is advertising CINNergy–is this the same exact thing??


  • 9

    Having a degree in chemistry does not, in any sense, qualify one as an expert on chemical effects on the biology of the human body.


  • 10
    Jack Simmons

    I used the PM Weight Loss Program. I did lose thirty pounds within 3 months and it has stayed off.

    I also used Cinnergy for elevated blood sugars. My A1C was at 10.5, very high. After being on Cinnergy for just a few months, it was down to 7.

    Shane really does know what he is talking about. You can get a lot of benefit from just spending time on his website and blog. The two products I have tried both worked.

    I am somewhat distressed by his foul language because it detracts from his message. This hurts him and some who might not try his products because of the language.


    Your Name

    I have bought both his books and they are great. I think the one deciding factor in my purchase was that he is an educated no-nonsense kind of guy. He tells it like it is. The fact that he talks like 95% of the guys out there probably promotes his sales even more. I feel like this is someone I can have an intellectual conversation and a good time with. I’m sure his peppered language promotes sales all the more.


  • 11

    I like some of what mr. Ellison says. but it seems he is against all supplements but yet he sells them. could he be in it for money to?



    that’s my issue, too– while he preaches natural health behaviors like eating well and getting sunlight, he sells supplements. i want to AVOID pills, not buy more! i wish he’s stick with the info and leave out the advertisements, at least some of the time. people would still buy what he sells, i think, and i wouldn’t have to avoid “sharing” his stuff on facebook and overtly advertising for him.


  • 12

    He is just another snake oil salesman. If you buy anything he sells and it doesn’t work as promised it will be ALL your fault. Just save your money and buy from a reputable vitamin supplier. There is nothing special about his products except the price.


  • 13

    These products need to be looked at very closely before taking. Review each ingredient and what it actually does to you.They can be lethal like the bottle states. I had severe allergic reactions after taking, swollen face , lips, red eyes, light sensitive and a body rash. I had to miss work, doctor bills, allergy testing.


  • 14

    This product could have killed me, they are not safe and just another hype to gt people to buy his product.



    Could have killed you? And the Oscar goes to Anonymous!


  • 15

    after trying pres drugs herbal remedies I still cannot sleep what to do for insomniacs?



    exercise everyday. don’t use computers for an hr. before bed.



    look into magnesium supplements…it has helped me with that immensely…I take mag citrate powder….h


  • 16
    Herman Singleton

    Hi Shane, what do you have for memory loss?



    What was that you said?!!


  • 17

    How can I cure my under active thyroid naturally?


  • 18
    susan mcfarlane

    I have read one of his books and found him to be sincere, intelligent and definately on the right path. Prevention. Treat your body right and you won’t suffer from so many of these awful diseases. He backs it up with lots of scientific data. I wish he lived in my city I would go visit him and have him put my whole family on a ‘program’. Medical doctors need to listen to people like The Peoples chemist – really listen! No more bandaid medicine please.



    He has a bit of knowledge, but also a lot of bunk. His products are way over-priced as you can expect with all that hype. He tries to be different with his approach, but that makes him look like a unprofessional snake-oil salesman. Look for real solutions – like eating a healthy low carb diet


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