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The food you consume each day plays a pivotal role in your weight. Some people tend to forget this as they get busy with their lives. The reality is you need to pay attention to what you put into your body, and how many calories you take in. Too many calories leads to weight gain, since your body has to store them. Fortunately there are diets and eating plans that can help you get on the right track and stay on track through life. One book that might help you with this is “The Smart Diet Plan.”


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The Smart Diet Plan is a “permanent” weight loss method that is supposed to help you drop unwanted pounds, but without “dieting” or starving. You see, this book is not referred to as a diet per se, because it is intended as a lifestyle change. Once you start this plan, you are not supposed to stop once you have reached your goal weight. It is not a fad diet, and there are no weight loss supplements involved.

This book is available for the Kindle device, and it is 87 pages in length. The Smart Diet Plan was written by Liz Vidal. You will be expected to reduce your daily calorie intake. The focus is on eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood. However, meat, dairy, and grains are not consumed as much. Processed foods and products that are high in fats and sugar are cut out. Simple steps are provided in this text to help you enjoy “delicious” meals, but without the bad fats and cholesterol. The key is to focus on fresh and natural foods that are rich in nutrients.

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  • This book helps you find healthier alternatives to bad foods.
  • The Smart Diet Plan helps you change your eating habits to lose weight.
  • This weight loss text is for men and women alike.


  • Some people might prefer a convenient supplement for fat loss and appetite suppression.
  • Some dieters will not like changing their entire diet plan for good.
  • Many similar weight loss books are available online and in stores.
  • No exercise is addressed with The Smart Diet Plan.


Not everyone is willing to completely surrender their current lifestyle and eating habits. In this case, The Smart Diet Plan will not be beneficial. After all, with this weight loss text you need to completely change your diet and eating habits for good. There are many other weight loss books that require the same changes. If you prefer a more simplified and convenient dietary supplement to help you shed some unwanted pounds, these products are available as well.

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