Therm L-Carnitine Review

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Therm L-Carnitine is a supplement from Fitmax. The supplement is comprised of just two ingredients – the therm and the l-carnitine. In this case, the therm refers to caffeine, a common stimulant used in weight loss supplements. The product description talks about increased body height and thermogenesis via caffeine and fat activation when L-carnitine is taken before exercise. Despite these claims and/or suggestions, there are no reviews or testimonials supporting weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • L-Carnitine
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B1

Product Features

Therm L-Carnitine is not a unique or special product. The ingredients L-carnitine and caffeine are commonly found in a variety of weight loss supplements. Even the addition of vitamin B1 is rather mainstream. The product label warns the dieter that Therm L-Carnitine contains high levels of caffeine – 60 mg. We applaud Fitmax for warning consumers about the dangers of caffeine, but from a supplement perspective 60 mg is rather light. The suggested serving for Therm L-Carnitine is two capsules or 120 mg of caffeine, slightly higher, but not the highest does we’ve encountered.

All of the statements about caffeine provided by Therm L-Carnitine are true, though Fitmax does not bother to include mention of or links to clinical studies supporting the statements. Caffeine is a thermogenic agent that increases metabolism and it does work best when the dieter exercises. However, taking caffeine for long periods can have a negative side effect. The body gets used to the extra boost and soon that 120 mg is not enough to maintain increased energy. If the dieter stops taking caffeine, withdrawal symptoms can occur.

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  • Fitmax lists all ingredients in Therm L-Carnitine online.
  • The dieter may notice increased energy after taking the supplement.


  • There is no appetite suppressant in Therm L-Carntine.
  • Caffeine can increase metabolism and hunger.
  • We found no testimonials or reviews for the product.
  • There does not appear to be a guarantee or money-back promise.


Therm L-Carnitine is not the best weight loss formula on the market. There is also an issue with availability. The majority of websites currently selling the supplement are located in Italy. There is a good chance Therm L-Carnitine will not ship to the United States from some of these companies. This is not a huge concern as L-Carnitine and caffeine are available at every major vitamin shop in the United States.

Dieters should be wary of taking caffeinated supplements for weight loss if they do not include an appetite suppressant. Caffeine will increase metabolism and make the body work harder, which could lead to increased hunger. This is the opposite effect most dieters want.

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