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The Thyroid Diet Revolution is a diet book by Mary J. Shomon. The author claims that more than 50 million Americans have weight issues associated with a thyroid problem. There is no link to a study or report that supports this number. The book was published in 2012, so the number could be relevant to that year. The book covers diet and exercise programs for people who have thyroid problems, but the book is not only for people with thyroid issues as the fitness programs are designed for people who have fatigue issues as well. So, if you are facing fatigue every time you try to work out, you may find a program in the Thyroid Revolution that helps you get fit without feeling exhausted.

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  • Book on losing weight and getting fit if you have thyroid problems.

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If you are currently under a doctor’s care for thyroid problems, this book may be irrelevant. There are medications to increase or decrease thyroid function. Typically, men and women who have an overactive thyroid will weigh less than men and women who have an underactive thyroid. An underactive thyroid means packing on the pounds even if you following a reduced calorie diet. You also may feel extremely fatigued and have no interest in performing daily exercise.

The Thyroid Diet Revolution appears to be focused on dieters who think they have an underactive thyroid, which could be a larger portion of the population than actually has a diagnosis of a thyroid problem. The book gives advice on how to control blood glucose levels, appetite and boost thyroid function without medications or hormones. This non-hormonal approach is also called herbal or alternative medicine.

There is some skepticism about self-treating thyroid problems with supplements, herbs and alternative therapies. The skepticism pertains to the fact that many people choosing to self-treat have not been diagnosed. If medical treatment is sought, thyroid function could return to normal with medication. The thyroid is a scapegoat of sorts for dieters who just can’t lose weight any other way.

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  • May help some dieters lose weight even if they don’t have a thyroid problem.


  • The book is not necessarily based on clinical proof and evidence.
  • The author is not trained in nutrition or medicine.


The author of the Thyroid Diet Revolution is a patient diagnosed with a thyroid problem. She has written books and started websites on the thyroid and thyroid health, but she has no official training of any sort. We suggest finding a book from someone with formal training.

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