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What You Should Know

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Trim and Cleanse claims to be a weight loss supplement, but the ingredient list tells a different story. The cleanse part of the supplement name is right on. This product will increase bowel movements and urination, but it will not increase weight loss and fat loss. While the formula will not have an impact on hunger, but increasing bowel movements could increase hunger. All ingredients in the formula are listed in a proprietary blend – so the dieter has no idea the total amount for any of the ingredients.

We warn dieters taking prescription medications not to take this product at the same time as other supplements and medications. Herbal laxatives can impact the absorption rate and/or amount of these products.

List of Ingredients


  • Cascara Sagrada
  • Senna
  • Psyllium
  • Milk Thistle

Product Features

One look at the ingredient list tells us everything we need to know about Trim and Cleanse. This product is NOT a weight loss supplement, but it is a cleansing supplement. The ingredients are laxatives – both stimulant and non-stimulant. You will notice a change in bathroom habits and the extra trips will likely cause you to lose a bit of water weight, but you will not lose fat taking this supplement.

We found the product listed on and there were no current members using the product and no reviews. This is just another failed supplement that tried to use the weight loss market as a means to sell a laxative. Evidently the company behind the supplement failed if no one is using the product.

If you are experiencing constipation or temporary problems using the bathroom, you could use this supplement for a few days to relieve the problems. Using a laxative for more than a few days can lead to reduced colon muscle function. The muscles of the colon will not work as well and you’ll need to use laxatives just to have regular bowel movements.

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  • The product is available on the official website.


  • The ingredients are listed in proprietary blend.
  • The product has diuretic effects.
  • The product may not produce weight loss.
  • The ingredients are laxatives not weight loss ingredients.


Trim and Cleanse is not a proper weight loss supplement for prolonged use. The directions for the supplement read like a laxative, but they tell the dieter to use the product twice a day and the bottle holds 12 servings. There is NO need to take a laxative for 12 days straight. If you have trouble with constipation for 12 days and you’re taking a laxative, you need to contact your physician.

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