Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker Review

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Those who are successful with fat loss and weight management are typically those willing to go the extra mile. This is not something you can do in a week, and it does require some will power. Regardless of the diet and exercise program you choose or weight loss supplement you purchase, you do need to be serious about weight reduction. Well, something that can assist you with reaching your weight loss goal is the Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker. This is available in an Android smart phone platform. It can help you keep track of what you eat, and the progress you make.


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Product Features

The Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker is available in a 2.5.1 version, and improvements have been made so that the calculator recognizes text, the proteins field is corrected, and a Pro Points Alternate is available as a calculator choice. It was released in 2011, and is suitable for women and men who are dieting and striving to lose weight. The Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker can be used with the complete Weight Watchers program.

With the Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker, you can choose your calculator mode. You can enter the foods you eat, add up the points you have used, and find out the number of points you have left for the day. This essentially helps you to stay on track, and prevents you from eating too much. As you may already be aware, different foods count for different amounts of points, and the portion size may also play a part. This smart phone app can be used by people who are involved with other weight loss plans than Weight Watchers.

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  • This smart phone app allows you to keep track of the food you eat.
  • The Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker is very convenient.


  • There are a lot of customer complaints about this app.
  • A dietary supplement is more direct in regards to fat loss.
  • Some users have complained that this app is not user friendly.
  • Some dieters will not like taking the time to calculate points each day.


If you are not interested in entering all of your data into an electronic device, then the Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker will not suit you. Basically this app is for keeping track of what you eat so you do not overeat. It is simple in concept, but it can help with weight loss if you take the time to use it every day. Unfortunately there are a number of customer complaints about this app, and how it is not user friendly. This is something to consider before getting this diet app.

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