7 Week Victory Diet Review

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Dieting and weight loss are very difficult subjects to find good information about on the Internet because of so many conflicting and confusing messages. Some sites will tell people to not eat carbs, some no fat, and some just encourage starvation. It can be confusing to know what advice to follow. The best way to lose weight is to have a good balanced diet, a healthy exercise schedule, and a thermogenic dietary supplement. The 7 Week Victory Diet is a book by Sam Grossman that details the effects of cholesterol on diet and overall health. Cholesterol is commonly understood to be the substance that derives from fat and ends up building in the arteries and leads to poor circulation and potential heart attacks.

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As of this review, the book is out of print but it can be found on sites like Ebay or Amazon. Some people have been selling it for less than one dollar on Amazon. The book talks about the relationship between fat, saturated fat (now known as trans fat), and cholesterol. The book was first published in the early 1990s when this information was not widely known. It turns out that foods high in fat, like red meat, starches, and other foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates or are deep-fried in grease like most fast food, tend to increase cholesterol significantly. According to The 7 Week Victory Diet the best way to lower cholesterol is to have a good diet that’s low in fat and a good exercise plan. We aren’t sure whether the book recommends any dietary supplements because there weren’t very many in this timeframe.

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  • The book is very cheap and is likely to be found on Ebay or Amazon.
  • The dangers of high fat are fully addressed and a good diet is proposed to deal with it.


  • We are unsure about the exercise regimen suggested by Sam Grossman. Given the testimonials it received at the time it would seem that the plan is effective.
  • The book isn’t in print anymore so it could be hard to come by unless you buy it online at Amazon or a similar store.
  • Sam Grossman has no credentials as a dietician or nutritionist.


We believe that 7 Week Victory Diet could be of some help because it details the methods of getting rid of cholesterol. However, the book is out of print so it may be hard to find. As always, when taking advice from a weight loss book be sure to couple it with a good diet and exercise.

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