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8 Minutes in the Morning is a weight loss program developed by fitness trainer Jorge Cruise. Jorge Cruise’s new program, 8 Minutes in the Morning, is a book that promises a weight loss of two pounds a week for those that follow the program. The program focuses on getting motivated, learning to eat better by using the provided eating cards, and strength training according to the provided illustrations.

Product Features

8 Minutes in the Morning features a very different approach as the main component. It features a “wake-up talk” that users will do when they begin their day. This “wake-up talk” is supposed to promote motivation and strength to continue the day according to the plan. After the “wake-up talk” users are supposed to perform strength training exercises that focus on two muscle groups everyday. The needed exercises are presented as a 28-day strength training program that involves the use of dumbbells and the exercises are illustrated so that the user can study how to execute them properly. 8 Minutes in the Morning also includes an eating plan that all users need to follow. The eating plan is presented on “eating cards” and these cards tell users everything they need to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

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  • The plan is structured so those who are not familiar with weight loss basics can learn quickly and apply the program to their daily lives.
  • The eating cards remove all of the guesswork associated with many diets. Users will know exactly what and how much to eat and when.
  • The strength training associated with 8 Minutes in the Morning allows users to build muscle and muscle burns approximately 50 more calories an hour than fat.
  • All of the exercises that users need to perform are illustrated and explained in the book.
  • The exercise portion of this program only takes a few minutes a day.


  • 8 Minutes in the Morning is a very strict weight loss plan and there is little to no wiggle room.
  • There is no aerobic exercise in this program so users must rely completely on the strength training to burn calories.
  • The before and after pictures, shown to promote this program, are a bit misleading because they show people with perfect bodies and this program does not promise this.
  • There is no diet supplement provided, leaving users to rely solely on will power.


8 Minutes in the Morning is not for everyone. This is a strict and structured weight loss program that relies heavily on predetermined eating and strength training regimens. Jorge Cruise promises weight loss, but this program will not turn users into overnight weight loss success stories. If you’ve had trouble motivating yourself to follow traditional diet/exercise routines in the past, it’s questionable whether a few eating guides cards will help that much.

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