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Figure 8 Fitness Review - 13 Things You Need to Know

Reviews on Figure 8 Fitness say that this workout method is fast and effective. We jumped straight into the program details and scientific research. Next, we searched high and low for customer reviews on this workout with hopes of shedding some light on what users are experiencing. Finally, we shortened everything we found to bring you the bottom line on Figure 8 Fitness.

Figure 8 Fitness can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Figure 8 Dance Fitness?

What is Figure 8 Dance Fitness

Figure 8 Women’s Fitness markets itself as a “dynamic core cardio training workout” for ladies of all fitness levels. It has three phases, which include: learn, burn, and sculpt. It’s a workout program, like Billy Blanks and Booty Max.

It promises some serious cardio workouts while maximizing fat loss and targeting your core muscles. Let’s take this time to examine what you get when you buy Figure 8 Fitness:

  • Nutritional blueprint
  • Fitness guide
  • Success tracker
  • Workout journal
  • 14 coaching and workout sessions (DVDs)
  • App and web access available

Figure 8 Fitness is brought to you by BodyFX and Bravado Ventures LLC, a company based in Las Vegas, NV. It’s been around since 2016. This dance workout is already gaining some popularity on social media with more than 200,000 followers on Facebook.

Do programs like this work for weight loss?

  • Obesity (Silver Spring) – According to this study, “Supervised exercise, with equivalent energy expenditure, results in clinically significant weight loss with no significant difference between men and women.”
  • Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research – “core conditioning into a high-intensity interval training program augments the influence of the interval program.”
  • Journal of Physical Therapy Science – “core strength training influenced core stability, and had a desirable effect in the sudden perturbation task.”

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About Jaana Kunitz

Who is Figure 8 Fitness Jaana Kunitz?

Jaana Kunitz is a Latin ballroom dancing professional and the actual mastermind behind Figure 8 Fitness. She specializes in choreographing and creating home exercise and fitness programs to help people lose weight, get fit, and have fun.


Figure 8 Fitness Method

Figure 8 Fitness Method consists of workout DVDs and videos that emphasize “dynamic core cardio training” and three-dimensional exercises. Keep in mind each workout is around 30 minutes long. Frankly, this type of activity targets your core muscles, including the rectus abdominus, external obliques, back muscles, transverse abdominus, and internal obliques.

Believe it or not, but there is some actual research that supports this core conditioning cardio. According to the journal PLoS One, “core training may improve static balance, core endurance, and running economy.”

Training System

Figure 8 Method Training System

You get access to the company’s complete set of materials when you buy the Figure 8 Training System, including 14 video coaching sessions and workout sessions.

This training system may help you strengthen your core through the body’s natural and fluid movements versus simple exercise routines. The program says this helps prevent painful workouts as well. Our research team found a study relating to core stabilization and endurance. According to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, the “core stabilization exercise program significantly improves transversus abdominis muscle activation in standing and standing with body armor. When compliant with the exercises, such a program may increase trunk strength and muscle endurance.”

The Figure 8 Training System also includes a success tracker, workout journal, fitness guide, and nutritional blueprint.


Are Figure 8 Fitness Workouts on YouTube?

Many people ask this question. Whether it’s a dieter wanting to enjoy the workout for free, or a potential customer wanting a peek at what to expect – people want to know if you can catch a glimpse of this program on YouTube. Yes, there is an official Figure 8 Fitness YouTube page with more than 28,000 subscribers.

What’s Included With Figure 8 Fitness

Let’s take this time to examine what you get when you buy Figure 8 Fitness. When individuals purchase the program, they receive:

  • Figure 8 Basic includes Digital + 2 DVDs
  • Figure 8 Ultimate includes Digital + 2 DVDs 3. Resistance Band Bundle (all 3 resistance levels)
  • 14 Coaching and Workout Video Sessions
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Fitness Guide
  • Figure 8 Fitness Workout Calendar
  • Success Tracker
  • Access to App

When individuals pay for shipping and handling, they also receive the workout videos in DVD format.

Side Effects

Figure 8 Fitness Side Effects

Let’s talk for a bit about the potential side effects from Figure 8 Fitness Method. This cardio dance program is for women of all body types, ages, and fitness levels. No drawbacks are clearly stated.

We honed in on user reviews and comments to see what actual customers are saying. The truth is a few people said the workouts are too challenging, and some said it’s not good if you have back problems.

There may be “injuries” with an intense workout video – this can happen with pretty much any fitness system or workout program out there. Although there is no mention of side effects, side effects are possible from performing core exercises. Additionally, Health Psychology Research notes the potential for this kind of exercise to increase emotional stress.


Figure 8 Fitness Benefits

Figure 8 Fitness Benefits

The benefits of this dance cardio core training program are:

  • Fast fat loss
  • Stronger core muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Fewer back pains
  • Faster metabolism

There’s almost nothing that this program doesn’t promise in terms of benefits. Based on research presented in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Publish Healthdance classes can improve quality of life in women.


What About Figure 8 Fitness Results?

The average weight-loss results after eight weeks of this program is 11.5 pounds. You should see some results within the first week. Then again, results from Figure 8 Fitness will vary, depending on your effort and diet. It’s up to you to put in the work.

Looking at the benefits of a program such as Figure 8 Fitness, the journal Pediatric Pulmonology concluded: “core stabilization exercise can improve pulmonary function, respiratory muscle strength, and functional capacity.”

Benefits For Men

Can Men Benefit from Figure 8 Women’s Fitness Classes?

Despite being marketed to women, men can also use this workout program. According to the official website, one man dropped a whopping 55 pounds in eight weeks on this program. Looking at the benefits of men completing a fitness program such as Figure 8 Fitness, Physical Therapy in Sport concluded abdominal exercise training may be able to improve muscular endurance.”


What is the Wai Lana Figure 8 Fitness Kit?

The Wai Lana Figure 8 Fitness Kit is a pilates yoga kit available from dealers such as Amazon. It focuses on firming, sculpting, and toning from the comfort of your own home. Considering the benefits of a pilates-style program for fitness, the journal Medicina concluded, “preliminary evidence indicates that its practice could have a positive impact on fitness, balance and physical function. Its benefits on lower-body function appear to be superior to those of other conventional exercises.”

The Wai Lana Figure 8 Fitness Kit appears to be separate from the Figure 8 Fitness cardio dance program, so if you want to enjoy both workouts – you’re going to have to buy both.


Figure 8 Fitness Cost

Figure 8 Fitness Cost

The cost of the Figure 8 Fitness system is pretty reasonable, at $116.95 and for a limited time it’s on sale for $99. What’s more, it’s available on the following platforms at no extra charge:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Android
  • iPad
  • DVD
  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Chromecast

If you add the DVDs, you pay an extra $9.95. Also, there is no major equipment needed for the system, but one program does call for a “light resistance band.”

Body FX, the company behind Figure 8 Fitness, also has an app with the workouts. Sometimes, the app offers a free Figure 8 Fitness coupon code, as well as workouts, for free.

The system comes with a triple guarantee valid for a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel for any reason within these 60 days by e-mailing Jaana herself.

When you purchase Figure 8 Fitness, you can access the quick Figure 8 Fitness Express program that asks for just 10 minutes of exercise a day. App access for the program is also available with either purchase. However, Figure 8 Fitness DVD Walmart options does not exist.

Figure 8 Fitness Refund Policy

When individuals purchase a Figure 8 Fitness program, they are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. In order to start the refund process, customers must contact the customer service department.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Love you and this Figure 8 program Jaana Kunitz you really motivate me to work harder during the workouts but you also make them fun. I have to add that your workouts have been very helpful to me in dealing with stress and depression as I am going through some personal issues. You make me feel loved and sexy. I get a high after I do your workouts that lasts throughout the day and when I dress, I always want to look sexy. I hope one day I can meet you in person.”

“Don’t bother if you need to learn, waste of time and money. – Horrible and just a money grab. Could they go any faster for step 1??? Where’s the option to watch from the back to follow easier…wait a minute that won’t help me any because clearly this is NOT for beginners. Do not waste your money watching a video of a woman wanting to show off her body more than teach properly and that’s the cold hard truth. Extremely disappointed.”

“Difficult but a good workout – I have a Tarlov cyst on my sacrum which has prevented me from working out this last year. I downloaded this from their website and it is intense to say the least. I feel that it’s a great work out but difficult to learn. I just keep moving when I can’t follow what it happening. The girls in the videos are definitely ripped but that doesn’t bother me. Gives me motivation actually. So far after two weeks, my back has not hurt. I think if you enjoy dancing this is a great way to exercise.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Figure 8 Fitness

Alright, let’s cut through the fog here and see if we have ourselves a gem.

It’s wonderful to see that the Figure 8 Fitness system encourages regular exercise and core strengthening. The good news is, this can help with building muscles and burning off calories, in fact, there’s little this program is claimed to help with. There’s even some research that supports this workout, which is something I love, love, love.

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Figure 8 Fitness Review
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Figure 8 Fitness

What are the ingredients in Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness is a workout program. Figure 8 Fitness includes a fitness guide, success tracker, belly fat report, 14 video workouts, and a nutritional guide.

What are the side effects of Figure 8 Fitness?

Unless you consider sweating and exhaustion side effects, there aren’t any. Customers have reported the workouts are too difficult to finish.

Does Figure 8 Fitness work?

Figure 8 Fitness will work if a dieter can keep up with the workouts and maintain the appropriate healthy diet. Consumers who cannot keep up with the program’s demands will not likely see the promised results.

What is the price of Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness costs $116.95 and is currently on sale for $99.

Where can I buy Figure 8 Fitness DVD?

Figure 8 Fitness is available to purchase on the official website?

Where can I buy Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Figure 8 Fitness?

Follow the nutrition plan that comes with the program. Workout on the indicated days, resting where applicable.

How do I contact Figure 8 Fitness customer service?

Contact Figure 8 Fitness’ customer service by emailing support@bodyfx.com or contact them through live chat at support.bodyfx.com.

Live chat is available Monday – Friday 9am-5pm PST. at their help desk. You’ll need to create a support ticket first.

Can I return Figure 8 Fitness?

According to Figure 8 Fitness terms and conditions, you can return the product. There is a refund guarantee.

What are the most common complaints about Figure 8 Fitness?

Customers most commonly complain about the workout difficulty. Some mentioned the exercises flare old backaches and cause pain due to the movements in the drills.

How long are Figure 8 Fitness workouts?

Figure 8 Fitness workouts usually last between 30-50 minutes, depending on which video is chosen.

How to access Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness can be accessed through the official Body FX portal, as well as the Figure 8 Fitness app. However, individuals always have the option of purchasing DVDs as well.

How to contact Figure 8 Fitness?

Support for Figure 8 Fitness can be found through the official Body FX customer service department, where individuals can submit a contact form.

87 Figure 8 Fitness Reviews

  • It’s great!!!
    Mocca (Verified Purchase)

    Im really enjoying figure 8 fitness. The movements can be difficult sometimes but you just have to keep trying and trying. That’s what Jaana says. Keep going! Gets better and better! After all the workout right at the end Jaana says. Guess what you did it. I’m so proud of you. And I’m drenched with sweat and tears and happiness that I actually went through all the movements is great!! You feel like you really achieved something. Not just losing weight but doing something and finishing something makes you feel fantastic for the rest of the day! Do it. Highly recommended. You are not going to get any result in short term. When you need to lose weight now – it’s too late. So why don’t we just enjoy the programme and don’t care about losing weight NOW. You will lose it if you keep at it. Sooner or later you will realise you have lost weight.

    • Carol

      Congratulations!!!! And thanks for the encouragement. I started yesterday and was challenged by the moves but just kept doing them over and over. Today, I’m moving my hips more fluidly and excited. The real challenge was watching myself in the mirror and seeing my belly fat and dealing with it!!!!! Just gotta do it!!!!!

  • Limitations - only usable when connected
    S smartt (Verified Purchase)

    I am majorly disappointed that it wasn’t made clear you MUST be connected to the internet or somehow carry a DVD player with you to do these on the road. I thought at least a couple would be downloadable to my iPad. It is very misleading that it is available on iPad. It is but only if you are connected on high soeed

    • Kris

      I am able to download the videos on my ipad through the BodyFX app.

    • Anonymous

      It’s good to read these reviews, they do advertise that it is downloadable.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve downloaded all the videos to my iPad & have saved them all offline, so I can use them anytime. If you’ve purchased it, you will be able to do that too.

  • UK Beware
    Patricia Mowat Slater

    People in the UK need to know that the DVDs won’t work in the UK.

    • Simone Sowden

      There is no point in me ordering the disks if you can’t use them in the uk. Why is this.

      • Síle

        Ah no! I was just thinking of buying…

      • CW

        I use the discs in the UK. Am doing it right now. It’s fine

    • Alex

      I messaged figure 8 on their facebook site and this was their reply

      Hello, Our DVDs are region free and we ship worldwide!

      Has anyone purchased dvds in uk and been unable to use them?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I have ordered them in the U.K. and yes they work

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I play them on a portable DVD player, as couldn’t get them to work on my laptop.

  • It works!!!
    Alesha (Verified Purchase)

    Love this program. Started a month ago. Did the October Challenge. I busted my butt and lost over 20 lbs. and lost over 25 inches over my whole body. 11 inches was from around my waist (measurement around the belly button not the natural waist line). So excited for the November Challenge. Can’t wait to see what I can lose this month. At the beginning I struggled with keeping up due to a bad hip. After the first week I was able to do all the moves with no problem. Great program and it has a meal plan that comes with it.

    • TRACY

      How did you do in November. Did you follow the meal plan, or do shakes, or supplements when you lost the 20lbs. I need to lose about 80 pounds and appreciate any advice! 🙂

      • Kathy Bell

        Noom!!!!! 5 months and 25 pounds down. No special foods, extra cooking, or being hungry. I am 1/2 to my goal. I do exercise and get about 7000 steps a day. I LOVE NOOM!!!
        I am 65 and have tried so many other “diets”. What I have learned, I can do forever.
        Kathy B.

    • Carol

      Wow and congratulations!!!!! I just started yesterday and was a little frustrated with my lack of being able to fluidity move my hips – but that challenged me to master it. Today, I already feel more comfortable with moving my hips. Excited to keep going.

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