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The Ab Core is a machine that promises users stronger, more defined abdominal muscles. The Ab Core focuses on the core abdominal muscles and the obliques. This machine does not show users how to tone and strengthen the rest of the body, perform cardiovascular exercise or develop better eating habits. The Ab Core can be used by both men and woman, but it may not be able to accommodate those who need to lose a significant amount of weight. There is currently a patent pending for the Ab Core.

Product Features

The Ab Core comes with videos that show users how to do the two exercises that it was designed for. It is a large machine that comes in two different colors and stakes its claim as being the “ultimate abdominal machine”. Users will select the weight that they feel comfortable with and then perform the exercises accordingly. The Ab Core uses free weights for resistance. This machine mimics basic crunches and oblique crunches, but allows users to add resistance to their workout. The Ab Core claims success in helping those with back pain, alleviate it through using the machine. This machine that users will not only tone, tighten and strengthen their abdomen, but they will burn calories at the same time. This machine is geared towards gyms, physical therapy clinics and chiropractic offices, but the manufacturer states that it can be used in a home as well.

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  • Users only need to learn to execute two different exercises.
  • The Ab Core uses free weights.
  • Stronger abdominal muscles contribute to a stronger back and those with strong backs tend to have less back pain and better posture.
  • This machine can be used by both men and women.
  • Users are able to perform traditional abdominal exercises while adding resistance.


  • The Ab Core is a large and bulky machine.
  • Users can only perform two exercises on the machine.
  • The Ab Core only works the abdominal muscles and does not show users how to tone the rest of their body, perform cardiovascular exercise or eat better.
  • This machine can only accommodate people of up to a certain size.
  • Is more designed for muscle development than for weight loss.


The Ab Core is geared towards use in a gym or other, similar place and is quite large for a typical home. The machine is geared towards those seeking toning and strengthening and does very little to aid in overall toning, strengthening and using this machine alone will not turn into steady weight loss. Users who need to lose a significant amount of weight should use caution because this machine may not be suitable for them, and it is more likely intended for users with general fitness experience.

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    Wendy Heyman

    If you are in shape and work out 4 times a week, would you recommend the ab core pro? Does it work on the abs, reall?


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    How do you know when to go to the next level?