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Ab Doer 360 Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

The Ab Doer 360 boasts that you can get fitter and burn fat ‘in seated comfort.’ It’s been around for two decades and sold millions of units, so we just had to investigate. However, the evidence we found suggests that many people saw no results, as most users saw no reduction in body fat percentage, BMI, or waist circumference.

Ab Doer 360 claims that its main goal is better abs, but our researchers found reports of users even gaining weight. We dug deep for every other piece of info you’ll need. Here, we have the Bottom Line, based on what our research team found.

Ab Doer 360 can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Ab Doer 360?

Ab Doer 360, a piece of workout equipment, focuses on the abdominal area and core using multiple movements to aim for a chiseled look. This piece of equipment is easily assembled without tools, and the user follows given exercises to build muscles in the targeted body parts. You can use the machine at any time, but it is not convenient for transport.

Ab Doer 360 is the latest product in the “Ab Doer” line of equipment for exercise and is designed to burn calories as you work on your abdominal muscles. The developer of the Ab Doer equipment is John Abdo, who is also a former Olympic trainer, and who termed the apparatus as a health machine that was designed to boost flexibility, build strength, and streamline the body.

Why is losing abdominal fat important?

  • PLoS One – “Body fat distribution is, next to overall obesity, an important risk factor for cardiometabolic outcomes in the general population. In particular, visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is strongly associated with cardiometabolic risk factors.” VAT is abdominal fat.
  • Obesity Medicine – A second study, this time from 2020, reinforces the PLoS One study results. In this case, participants with more “visceral fat accumulation had a high risk of coronary” health concerns.
  • Metabolism – There’s even evidence that people with high BMI and visceral fat accumulation are more at risk of requiring ICU care if infected with Covid-19.

Ab Doer 360 Competitors

Ab Slim
Bowflex Max Trainer
Tonal Gym

How Did Ab Doer Start?

John Abdo invented Ab Doer five years ago, after working for years as a strength and conditioning coach with Olympic teams in the 1970s and ’80s. Thane International is the company behind this equipment and approximates the apparatus to have been used by over three million users worldwide. The product’s website is getabdoer360.com and was initially registered in July 2016. Ab Doer 360 was produced later and is a compact, lightweight, and simple-to-assemble workout system. It helps users tone their abs, tighten and shape their muscles, and burn their fat and calories.

Ab Doer is a product of Thane and currently has a “B-” rating and 1.03 out of 5 stars based on an average of 61 customer reviews. The lower rating is likely associated with the fact that at least 258 complaints have been filed against the business with the BBB. Other products by Thane are Orbitrek MX Under Desk Elliptical, Orbitrek Elite Elliptical, Total Flex L, Orbitrek X17, Ab Doer Elite, Total Flex S, Total Flex M, Orbitrek MN Under Desk Elliptical, H2O X5 Steam Mop, H2O SteamFX Pro, Bike Nook, and H2O PowerX Vacuum.

Ab Doer Customer Service Contact Information

  • Corporate Headquarters Address: Thane Direct, Inc. – Canada 5255 Orbitor Dr., Suite 501 Mississauga, ON L4W 5M6 P: 905 625 3800
  • Phone: 905 625 3844
  • Email: email@thaneinc.com
  • Thane Customer Support: Customer Support Ticket: https://support.thane.com/
  • Customer Service Department Phone: 1-800-676-1604 (Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time)
  • Email: customercare@thaneusa.com (Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response to your email inquiry)

Ab Doer Claims

The first issue you usually face on the Ab Doer 360 reviews is the lack of weight-loss results. Despite some strong feedback from users, the reviews seemed significantly negative. It was argued that the equipment’s primary goal is to build stronger abdominals; hence, users should not expect to drop their weight quickly. In some cases, the machine users increased in weight for a short time after using the equipment.

Weight loss may not have been a positive point, but some users appreciated the achieved results, such as strengthening the core and ab muscles. There was also the complaint of the equipment targeting one body area and building one specific muscle group only. The machine disappointed those focusing on overall fitness instead of solely on the abs and core.

Users who did not witness the Ab Doer 360 accessories’ expected results went ahead to add additional exercise regimens for better results. Thus, if the Ab Doer accessories provide a low-intensity workout, the user has to do higher-intensity exercise to achieve similar calorie-burning effects, as in the case of step aerobics or indoor cycling.


Ab Doer Components

The Ab Doer features and usage entail:

  • Padded seat
  • Targets core
  • Massage while exercising
  • 360-degree movement

The original Ab Doer accessories include a simpler U-shaped and static (non-pivoting) bar. It also included necessary padding, multi-directional technology, and a roller. As per its name, the Ab Doer twist consists of a swiveling seat plus a bar with several bends to enable more hand and arm positions. After some time, the Ab Doer 360 began to include a dynamic fluidity that applies a similar principle to the stability ball to progressively challenge muscles while the user maintains balance.

The Ab Doer 360 accessories also feature a comfortable groove and the bike seat to relieve pressure, while the abductor grip (front bump) helps you to remain in place when swiveling and sweating. Later, a new bar design and a dual roller system were included in the Ab Doer 360 to offer massage on both sides of the spine.

Does Ab Doer Work?

Many Ab Doer users are hesitant to recommend it as a weight-loss product since they do not get the expected results. Apart from building muscles, those who seek to lose weight prefer to go for a supplement with scientifically proven multiple ingredients. However, the equipment works well with those who seek to promote overall fitness. Hence, for those trying to take their physique to another level, they need to include other alternatives.

When performing aerobics, the lower body seems to move forward, and due to less resistance in this area, the relating results can be limited. Also, the Ab Doer 360 is not easily portable for those who frequently travel due to its bigger size and weight, which contradicts the manufacturer’s claim of the equipment fitting everywhere.

Ab Doer is not the preferable equipment for weight loss having just a 300-pound weight limit. On matters of alleviating back pain, it all depends on the primary cause of the back pain. To ensure you don’t aggravate that pain by using this equipment, ensure you seek a doctor’s help. On the matter of keeping interest, the Ab Doer accessories come with just three videos, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For those who require diversity to get motivated, they might quickly become bored.

“I am a big proponent of core strengthening as this muscle group is vital in virtually every activity, whether we are moving dynamically or simply sitting at a desk. Defined musculature in this area may be ideal for cosmetic reasons, but your core can be strong even without visible definition. Readers need to know that this is a very challenging area to develop. Products such as this that can safely target the area are fine, though this product alone will not give you 6-pack abs. A comprehensive fitness routine and a diet where the emphasis is on a single ingredient, whole foods are large components of any weight loss regimen, particularly when defined abs are a goal,” says Anthony Dugarte, MD.

Benefits & Results

Ab Doer Benefits and Results

ab doer benefits

The Ab Doer 360 has remarkable implications for the central nervous system and spinal column since it mobilizes the whole torso. Users can burn more calories and thus probably burn more body fat. Those who incorporate healthy eating habits into their fitness program will realize the best results. After ordering the equipment, the buyer receives the following free bonus items:

  • Free Instructional DVDs
  • Free Instructional & Healthy Eating Guides
  • Free Tracking Calendar
  • Free 1-Year Online Streaming Access $99 value

The manufacturer offers a 30-day refund policy on Ab Doer 360 coupon if the buyer is not satisfied, but you are the one to pay for the return S&H charges. The following are the five key benefits of using this equipment.

Tone, Tighten & Burn Fat

For those who have too tight of a schedule to attend the gym or feel like most of the workouts are not useful, they can now exercise in the comfort of their home while they have fun. The Ab Doer 360 has been redesigned to be effective for both men and women of every age, size, and type. The equipment was formally re-engineered to offer users a great ab workout and total-body results.

Define Your Muscles, from Head To Toe

The manufacturer patented the Core Support Column, which offers multi-direction technology and operates on every part of your midsection, upper abdominals, lower abdominals, and love handle obliques. Likewise, the machine helps you lean out, strengthening your arms, back, chest, and legs.

Enjoy The Supplementary Back Massage

Ab Doer 360 is redesigned equipment that is meant to strengthen the body and burn fat. To achieve that, it works on those muscles that are usually the tensest and assists in their release. The equipment currently comes with a new double foam roller system that gives a comforting massage to your back muscles and both sides of the spine.

Exercise Safely

Having seated workouts will offer support to your neck, back, and the rest of the body. The exercise reshapes and also protects your body parts.

Free Bonus Gifts

You can order your Ab Doer Pro model, which comes with a Quick Start Guide, Nutrition Guidebook, motivational Workout Calendar, and an instructional DVD. The Nutrition Guidebook shows delicious recipes that help you lose weight while the motivational Workout Calendar aids in tracking your progress. With the instructional DVD, you get to learn the full workouts you can perform from your home’s comfort.

Ab Doer 360 allows users to have fun and easily practice easy-to-do movements (Abdobics), bringing together heart-pounding and muscle-shaping aerobics. When doing Abdobics, the equipment’s dynamic fluidity seat engages more muscles for optimum outcomes. The embedded comfort groove takes the pressure off your tailbone, pelvis, and hip joints while the abductor grip gives support to your thighs and streamlines the swiveling activity.

Ab Doer 360 utilizes Multidirectional Technology via the stem, which is attached at the back to activate the user’s core muscles, including upper abs, abs, back, and obliques. The dual foam roller system brings stimulation to the core and spinal muscles while the user moves with a powerful and comforting back massage. Elevated bars in the Ab Doer 360 ensure your body is aligned during exercise. Thus, you can enhance your flexibility to lessen back discomfort regardless of weight, age, or fitness level.

Details on Ab Doer and Weight Loss

Ab Doer twist had been the most commonly used version of the equipment before producing the Ab Doer 360. All models have two arm-bars and a seat. Workouts are done from seated positions, and the user can rock, twist, or rotate their core. Also, the invention of Ab Doer 360 saw the introduction of a new feature, the “Fluidity seat.” The floating padded seat vibrates after sitting on it, causing the user to correct their position by regularly using core muscles. Users can also enjoy the broadest range of twisting motion with the newer model. The massage pads in the latest equipment roll up and down through the center of your back as the user moves forth and back on the machine.

The majority of the Ab Doer users describe the workouts as user-friendly, as one can do them even when watching television. The device does not have a vast footprint inside the house and can be folded for easy storage. There have been various infomercials extolling Ab Doer 360 health benefits. However, the dramatic outcomes shown in the infomercials are only achieved when you combine the workouts with exercise and a sensible eating plan.

Any exercising equipment is only worth the time you invest in it. Users who are happy with the Ab Doer machines term their investment as worthy, especially when other kinds of exercises cannot meet their needs. People suffering from specific back issues can find value with the Ab Doer Pro model due to its consistent back support. In several cases, that comfort is superior to just performing sit-ups and crunches, which creates pressure on the targeted region. Apparently, the various bending and twisting practices could be challenging to those with back problems, but that depends on the user’s specific constraints.

Remember that you cannot spot-target weight loss. Despite how you sculpt the abs, the fat layer on top of an area can only move out due to overall body fat loss, and not from operating the muscles underneath.

You can find older Ab Doer equipment at garage sales or second-hand stores, a clear indication that the apparatus did not work for some people. Nevertheless, Ab Doer 360, as compared to its predecessors, earns the same rating with about 3.5 stars. Better results will be achieved if the equipment is used for a more extended period. If you are undecided or have tried the same machine in the past without success, it is high time you consider other options.


How To Use Ab Doer

As shown in Ab Doer twist reviews, it is easy to use all Ab Doer versions. The apparatus comes with three workout DVDs (beginner, intermediate and advanced), a wall chart, a quick start guide, and a measuring tape. When using the Ab Doer twist abdominal trainer, there is no need for dieting, although the manufacturer recommends users take between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day for better results.

Flat abdominals are usually on the top of the majority workout wish list. With state-of-the-art technology, the Ab Doer pro model puts you in the right position to focus on hard-to-reach muscles.

Using equipment is quite easy. After assembling the machine, the exercises just come naturally. The user efficiently works their abdominal by holding exercises for continued periods of time and working in a wide range of motion. To amplify the challenge of a specific move, ensure you maintain an exercise longer.

Before using the Ab Doer, always warm up the body for 3 to 5 minutes. Try to include knee lifts and deliberate side twisting as you stand and march in place.

Side Effects

Potential Ab Doer Side Effects

ab doer side effects

Some of the possible side effects that users may develop while using the Ab Doer equipment include sore muscles, upset stomach, and abdominal pain. The side effects differ depending on how the users are using the machine. The company recommends that those who consume alcohol not take over two beverages per week when using the Ab Doer twist abdominal trainer. Always visit your doctor for more guidance when starting a new fitness plan or suffering from any chronic pain or injury.

After the physician consultation, it may be recommended to begin a fitness plan that puts into consideration vital factors such as fitness level, age, medical diagnosis, and current weight. If the primary objective is to have six-pack abs, you will need to pay more attention to what you eat and the exercises you undertake. That is where professional nutritionist services should come in handy.

Product Warnings

Ab Doer Product Warnings

The Ab Doer machine does not have the strong backing of science, although constant exercising of such equipment enhances some results. Lack of clinical research and proof that the Ab-Doer twist abdominal trainer is better than crunches and sit-ups can be demoralizing. The machine lacks the proper backing of science, hence raising some warnings.

Users are also recommended to try the product before purchasing it. To achieve some of the results, you need to combine them with proper exercise and a balanced diet. For those with chronic issues, they need to consult a healthcare professional. Ab Doer can also be problematic for people with low back pathologies because of relatively excellent rectus femoris activity.

Any Ab Doer Lawsuits?

ab doer lawsuits

Ab Doer equipment has not attracted any lawsuits from relevant bodies. Despite facing some negative comments, the award-winning inventor of the machine, John Abdo, has ensured the company continues to improve the featured models to match their clients’ expectations and needs. Currently, John Abdo is a leading motivator in fitness, personal success, sports, and energetic entrepreneurship.

John Abdo has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness sector; the inventor has become a DOER(TM)(R), which is the subject of his new programs. That new program introduced university-tested exercise and technologically advanced equipment that he invented. Ab Doer(TM) is the world’s first midsection aerobic machine, which was voted the number 1 product in 2001 and has been wholly improved and updated since.

Ab Doer Alternatives

Speed Abs

It is an inexpensive device for those seeking to work on their abs, and the equipment has a high consumer rating.

Ab Coaster Max

It is a higher-end home exercise machine that targets abs, and it is something you can consider that falls in the same cost range as the Ab Doer 360.

Resistance Chair Exercise System

The machine is for users who are interested in the seated workout.

The inventor of Ab Doer 360, John Abdo, also introduced other products such as WonderBack Pro, Androzene supplement, and WonderFlex Pillow. If you are seeking to live a fitness lifestyle, there is a wide variety of machines to use!

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“The Abdoer 360 provides a perfect workout. It’s great for getting back into the workout routine.”

“This machine is very disappointing it doesn’t have enough resistance and it does absolutely nothing for your abs!”

“You feel the burn as soon as you use it.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Ab Doer 360

So, we’ve reached the end of this one. What’s the final take? We’re always intrigued by “As Seen on TV” ads, and the Ab Doer 360 was no different. With over 3 million units sold, there had to be something to it. It has longevity in the fitness market, and many users have seen positive results, but unfortunately, it seems like it was just a fad that is long gone. We’re hesitant to recommend this as a weight-loss product.

If you’re looking to lose weight and you’d like an alternative to Ab Doer 360 that promotes overall fitness and healthy lifestyle changes, we suggest going with a comprehensive diet program that’s easy-to-use.

Among the best weight-loss program we’ve found this year is one called Noom. With health tracking tools, interactive support groups, personalized meal plans, and individual health coaching, Noom offers a way to make small, sustainable steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

The makers of Noom are so confident in the weight-loss program that they’re offering every Dietspotlight reader a free trial offer.

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Ab Doer 360 Review
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Ab Doer 360

What is Ab Doer 360?

Ab Doer 360 is a piece of workout equipment designed to target the abdominal area and core using multiple movements to achieve a chiseled look.

Who invented Ab Doer?

Ab Doer was invented by John Abdo, a former Olympic trainer, who designed the apparatus to boost flexibility, build strength, and streamline the body.

Who manufactures Ab Doer 360?

Ab Doer 360 is manufactured by Thane International, which also produces other fitness equipment, such as the Orbitrek Elite Elliptical and Ab Doer Elite.

What is the Ab Doer 360 designed to do?

The Ab Doer 360 is designed to burn calories as you work on your abdominal muscles, which can help you tone your abs, tighten and shape your muscles, and burn fat and calories.

Are there any competitors to Ab Doer 360?

Yes, some competitors to Ab Doer 360 include Ab Slim, HealthRider, Bowflex Max Trainer, and Tonal Gym.

Where can I buy Ab Doer 360?

Ab Doer 360 can be purchased using their Official Site.

What is the customer service contact information for Ab Doer?

The customer service contact information for Ab Doer includes Thane Direct, Inc. – Canada, 5255 Orbitor Dr., Suite 501 Mississauga, ON L4W 5M6, phone number 905 625 3844, and email address customercare@thaneusa.com.

Does Ab Doer help with weight loss?

While Ab Doer 360 is designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, it may not be effective for weight loss, and some users have reported gaining weight after using the machine.

What are the components of Ab Doer?

The Ab Doer features a padded seat, 360-degree movement, and massage while exercising. The original Ab Doer accessories include a simpler U-shaped and static (non-pivoting) bar, necessary padding, multi-directional technology, and a roller.

Is Ab Doer 360 easy to assemble?

Yes, Ab Doer 360 is easily assembled without tools, and the user follows given exercises to build muscles in the targeted body parts.

Is Ab Doer 360 convenient for transport?

No, Ab Doer 360 is not convenient for transport.

What are the side effects of Ab Doer 360?

Some potential Ab Doer 360 side effects may include sore muscles, abdominal pain and upset stomach.

Does Ab Doer only target the abs and core?

Yes, the Ab Doer 360 primarily targets the abdominal area and core, which may not be suitable for those looking for an overall fitness routine.

What are some other products produced by Thane International?

Some other products produced by Thane International include Orbitrek MX Under Desk Elliptical, Total Flex L, H2O X5 Steam Mop, Bike Nook, and H2O PowerX Vacuum.

What comes with the Ab Doer 360?

The Ab Doer 360 comes with workout DVD’s, a quick start guide, a wall chart and a measuring tape.

Does Ab Doer 360 work?

There is one study relating to the effectiveness of the Ab Doer 360, but it only tested one person.

How much does Ab Doer 360 cost?

The Ab Doer 360 costs $199.80. You can choose to make four payments of $49.95.

What is the BBB rating for the company behind Ab Doer 360?

Thane International, the company behind Ab Doer, has a “B-” from the Better Business Bureau.

How should I use the Ab Doer 360?

There’s no information about how to use the Ab Doer 360. You will receive a workout guide with your purchase.

Will I have sore muscles after using Ab Doer 360?

Yes, you will have sore muscles after using the Ab Doer 360 if you follow the instructions.

Do I need to diet with the Ab Doer 360?

No, you don’t need to diet with the Ab Doer 360, but the company recommends eating between 1,200 and 1,500 calories to better results.

Does Ab Doer 360 come with a guarantee?

Ab Doer 360 does come with 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

What is the weight limit for the AB Doer 360?

The AB Doer 360 is capable of supporting up to 350 pounds. Its unique balance-ball design empowers you to use your own body weight to do ab crunch exercises, side bends and more. Plus, its rotating handles let you enjoy full range of motion for a complete core workout.

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    Im Ciera im almost 16 im very athletic. Im in shape but ive been trying to tone my stomach and get rid of my luvhandles foreverrrr and nothing seems to be working. Ive been wanting to try the ab doer twist but im not sure if it really works as good as they say…any comments?

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    • Lori-Dawn

      I just purchased the Ab Doer Twist and have been using it. I have bad knees and ankles and wrists, and I can do this! Feels amazing even hours after a workout. Do get the rods and tri-roller and resistance bands and extreme workout DVD in your initial order, or they have mega unresonable shipping charges on your next non-machine order. Watch out for their tricky web site. They will offer you the trial without paying $14.95 for the privilage if you hit ‘4 payments’ and then switch to one payment when asked. But be careful and make sure there aren’t two machines on your order afterwards. They will offer faster delivery for a 10 dollar fee, don’t pay it. Mine arrived in four days anyway. Thane seems shifty, but the machine is wonderful!

      • Wendy

        I thought it was just me, for the web site switching it back to the one payment plan. Mine around in around 4-5 days. I ordered the robs and the resistants band and the shipping is rediculace .

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      I have really bad knees and back. I’ve been using the Abdoer Twist for 3 weeks and the difference in my back is unbelievable. I do the movements slower than the video, though. I was shocked after 2 weeks to find that I lost 4″ in my waist! I hope I continue to lose inches. Because of my knees I am unable to go for walks or use other exercise equipment, but the Abdoer is perfect, probably because you do it in a sitting position. I concentrate mostly on the intermittent DVD, but have done the advance twice so far and realize I’m not really ready for that yet. I actually sweat when I use this machine. I think it’s well worth the investment.

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    Great for controlled stretching, if you have the space and it takes a lot of room even if the physical footprint is small. Not munch use elsewise. Donated ours.

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    Don’t work for me, hurts my backs and it seems to be designed for short people, also the worse customer service I ever met, they charged me twice and duplicate my order, now I have to pay shipping for send them back. No real answers to my problem

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      seems like you dont like the product due to the c/s. not a fair assessment if you ask me…

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        If a person don’t like the equipment due to customer service,that’s their business and their feedback. It’s all a part of the product. If they want to sell the product,then they should improve on their customer service. It certainly made me think twice before purchasing.

        • Marlene

          I was ready to call and order the Twist…but, after the lady expressed problems with shipping mistakes and billiing mistakes, I’m not going there. I have no time for a company that makes a mistake and makes me eat the cost of the mistake.
          To each their own opinion but life is too short too deal with unnecessary crap.

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    Where can I purchase Abdoer Twist in South Florida?

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      I just seen the adv. on tv this morning and the phone number to order it is 1-800-331-8036 the special they were offering was 49.95×4 payments.

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      I would like to buy it from you, but you have to tell the price. Will be a blessing for me. Tell me, does it work?

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      Hi Valerie,
      I don’t know if you have already gotten your replacement spring and cover, but if you haven’t then you might look on the machine itself for either a phone number or address. I had a similar problem with another machine and sent a letter explaining what I needed to replace and they sent me back a list of replacement parts along with the parts I needed FREE. The companies want your repeat business so they are very accommadating. Hope this helps.

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    HI–I just checked ebay, and there’s 4 for auction, one of which was brand new. Cost is around $50 including shipping. Good luck. Lisa

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      4 sale
      Ab Doer Excerciser
      Includes 4 videos $25.00

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      HI–try ebay–I just looked & there’s at least 4 for auction, at least one auction is for a brand new one; you’ll pay around $50 or so including shipping. Good luck.

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      you can go to craigslist wichita ks someone is selling the abdoer for $20 this is not the twist one

    • Terrie

      The Abdoer is wonderful. I owned the first Abdoer which came out about 12 years ago. I actually wore it out last year. I just bought the Abdoer Twist from Home Shopping Network on a payment plan. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, you should do other cardio workouts. But if you want to tone up waist muscles and strengthen your back and upper hip muscles, then this machine is for you. I like the fact that it keeps my whole waist and upper hips stretched out. I had knee surgery in 2007 and I could not use it for 4 months and 3 months prior to the surgery. I began having this lower back aches and kind of a tired feeling in that area. I coulkd not wait to get the Ok from my doctor so I could use this again. If you want to lose weight, walk for forty five minutes every day at a good speed. I guarantee you will lose about 8 to 10 pounds a month provided you eat sensibly. I dropped every bit of 40 pounds in four months.

      • Tanica Sayers

        Thank you Terrie it seems like you are the only one that is honest.I am not taking this as a game I ordered the abdoer twist the commercial seems like the real deal.I only want it for my abs I can work out the rest of my body by walking and doing some cardio.I just hope I am not wasting my money at this point. I been fighting with my weight for years. I really want to thank you for your input contact me by e-mail if you have anymore advise to help me.

        Thanks Tanica!!!

        • Lillian Leone

          I am thinking of buying this machine and before I spend the money would like to know if really works for your abs and loosing weight. Any feedback is greatly appreciate. Thank you.

      • enxhi

        What is the good speed that you suggest when you walk for 45 minutes?


        • Anonymous

          forget speed check ur heart rate. above 160bpm ur more doin cardio than weight loss, your target heart rate for weight loss is between 120-130

      • sue

        I’ve had knee surgery and can’t use my Cybex Arc and was thinking of buying this.. but you commented that you couldn’t use after knee surgery.. does this put pressure on knee.. would love your feedback

    • Thomas Bowery

      I purchased mine through e-bay at a substantial savings. There were several available.

    • Dorcia Parham

      I have an ab-doer for sale of $50. It’s in excellent condition … as I do not use it. My phone# is (478) 254-5024; best time to call is mornings 8 am – 2 pm or leave a message on my answering machine. My name is Dorcia (dor-see-ah).

    • ajae

      yeah i just got mine from HSN.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is sold in Walmart, Target, and Bed, Bath and Beyond for $199.00

  • i have the orginal twist macchine just need all dvds all levels thank you
    larry parsley (Verified Purchase)

    i have the orginal twist macchine just need all dvds all levels thank you

  • No instruction manual. Do you have one you could send to me?
    Ginny McCarter (Verified Purchase)

    I just bought a Ab-Doer II but no instruction manual. Do you have one you could send to me?

    • Your NameTutu

      I just got it today with no books or DVDs

  • i have the older model twist machine good shape just need all three dvds levels
    larry parsley (Verified Purchase)

    i have the older model twist machine good shape just need all three dvds levels

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