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The AbRail is another product in the growing category of abdominal workout machines. The AbRail was created by AbRail fitness, LLC and is their featured product. The official AbRail website is nicely created but you will have to stop two videos that play immediately when you visit. The official website contains product information, details on how it works, success stories, and FAQs categories to help show you all about this abdominal machine.

The AbRail is basically a bench you lie on with a rail overhead that is aligned with the bench. Attached to this rail is a handle that slides from above your head to above your feet. This motion is supposed to encourage correct form and isolate every muscle in your abdominal area for an intense workout.

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Product Features

Like many of the newer abdominal machines, the AbRail stresses isolating the abdominal muscles while letting your other muscles stay relaxed. The AbRail uses something called “Abdominal Sequencing” that is supposed to “make your last rep as effective as your first rep.”

The official AbRail website makes sure to tell you multiple times that this abdominal machine will not cause you any neck, back, or arm pain but is an effective upper and lower body workout as well. The AbRail comes with the AbRail itself, lumbar pad, pillow pad, Ride the Rail DVD, healthy eating guide, and a fast track guide. The total package, when it arrives, will weigh about 50 pounds according to the manufacturer. On the official website is a 30 day trial offer that costs $14.95. If you keep it, you will pay $29.95 each month for 12 months. The total price of the AbRail is $374.35.

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  • Isolates and works out your abdominal muscles better than sit-ups.
  • 30-day full refund policy is available.


  • It can be hard for many people to self-motivate and actually use an abdominal machine.
  • The AbRail may be too large for those that live in a small apartment. It does fold up but still requires somewhere to store it.
  • The 12 month payment plan may not appeal to everyone.
  • This is an expensive piece of exercise equipment.


The AbRail is just one of many abdominal machines on the market. There are testimonials posted on the website, but the truth is that everyone will get results with almost any muscle building/fat burning machine if they use it regularly. We like the fact that it offers a lumbar support so it could be used by those who experience some type of regular back pain. If you have tried a few abdominal machines but just didn’t like them and are looking for something new, the AbRail could work for you. Take advantage of the trial offer as it is inexpensive and you can return the product if you don’t like it. However, if you’ve not had success in the past using high energy workouts for weigh loss, this probably won’t offer you any better results. Start off with a diet supplement or a diet plan, then work yourself up to an exervise routine.

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