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The ABC Diet is also known as the Ana Boot Camp Diet. It is a fifty-day eating regimen that promises drastic weight loss. Information is found on websites dedicated to Ana Boot Camp; no products or books are necessary.

The ABC Diet is popular in the pro-anorexia community. It basically consists of radically reducing the number of calories per day to near-starvation levels. On average, the ABC dieter consumes less than 600 calories each day. There are also several one-day fasts built in to this plan.

The only restriction in the ABC Diet is to stay under the allotted calorie limit each day. This goes on for fifty days. The ABC Diet places a great deal of stress on the dieter’s body because it is essentially seven weeks of self-starvation.

List of Ingredients

Because the ABC Diet is an eating regimen and not a purchasable product, there are no ingredients.

Product Features

The ABC Diet is not expensive. There are no products to purchase regularly; there are not required books to buy and read; food costs are low as well. The ABC Diet is therefore free from any supplements or chemicals that could have potential side effects.

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  • There are no start-up or product costs.
  • There is online support.
  • There are no potentially harmful ingredients.


  • The ABC Diet is difficult because of the high level of strain it puts on the body.
  • Many physicians warn against anorexic or pro-anorexic diets because of the potential health damage that can be done.
  • The ABC Diet can cause anorexic problems including dizziness, mental distress, depression, extreme hunger, fainting, and heart palpitations.
  • There are no helpful supplements or herbal aids in the ABC Diet.
  • There is no official ABC Diet source to take responsibility for dangers.
  • There are not guarantees of success or healthy weight loss.
  • ABC Diet weight loss is often drastic and results in underweight conditions, not healthy weight loss.


The ABC Diet has the positives of cost and simplicity on its side. Without any products to buy or complicated food charts to observe, anyone can start this program at any time. The weight loss claimed by participants is drastic and quick (less than two months). However, this program is not necessarily the best.

The dangers of self-starvation are very real and many physicians have warned against pro-anorexic diets. The side effects can be harsh and the stress that the body feels is very difficult. Even though this diet sounds “easy” to do, it is very hard on the dieter and results are not guaranteed. In fact, underweight conditions may be the unhealthy result of this diet plan. The dangers to the ABC Diet are real and weighty. They outweigh the benefits.

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4 User Reviews about ABC Diet

  • 1

    Im doing the abc diet and have been doing this diet for 4 months now . started at 197 lbs and now down to 92 lbs


  • 2

    You are all crazy to do this to yourself! Your body needs food in order to be healthy and survive!!



    A lot of people who are doing the ABC diet now are 200 lbs +. It’s not just for anorexics anymore.



    You do realize that one can be 200 + lbs and still be anorexic. Its a mental disorder, not limited to a certain size