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Advocare Slim Review - Does This Dietary Supplement Work? Are cost and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Advocare Slim Review

Some diet products work and some don’t; it’s as simple as that. The current product in question is Advocare Slim. We did one of our in-depth reviews to examine the side effects, ingredients, clinical research, and customer-service quality. We then looked around the web to try and find user reviews. Here’s the summary of our findings, condensed for your easy perusal.

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What You Need to Know

Let’s jump right in. Advocare Slim is a supplement containing the following ingredients: Svetol, an extract collected from green coffee bean, chromium, Thiamine, extract of fruit called Garcinia Cambogia, inositol, taurine, biotin, Super CitriMax, and caffeine. Advocare recommends that you consume the product by mixing the contents of one packet into 8 oz. of water twice per day. One plus is that the taste seems to be relatively pleasant.
Advocare, which is a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, has been around since 1993, and Advocare Slim has been a staple supplement for a while now. The supplement is available on Advocare’s main website as well as through “advisors” and “distributors” in your region. We like the longevity of Advocare as a business, and it’s nice to see all the ingredient information displayed on the website, but read on…

Price–“Is this supplement worth the price tag?”

We noticed right away that Advocare Slim came with an unusually high price tag. “If you take Advocare Slim as directed, it would be surprising if you didn’t feel any results,” said our research editor. “It’s not that the ingredients enclosed won’t work at all; the question is whether or not those ingredients warrant $30.00 for 14 servings.” The real kicker–Advocare suggests taking two servings per day for best results. That amounts to $30.00/week to take Advocare Slim.
Let’s do a brief survey of the cost of some of these ingredients when sold separately.
• You can buy 90 pills of garcinia cambogia for under $20.
• Svetol is available for $20-$25 for 90 capsules.
• Citrimax is available for under $15.
• Chromium is under $10.
While Advocare holds the rights to their proprietary blend of the ingredients, the materials in Advocare Slim can be purchased for a fraction of the cost that Advocare commands. You could likely purchase a 60- or 90-count bottle of each ingredient in Advocare for less than the monthly cost of Advocare Slim.

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One More Concern–Caffeine Side Effects

Whenever a weight loss supplement includes caffeine as a staple ingredient, you should be extra careful. The National Library of Medicine mentions the risk of nervousness, jitteriness, and vomiting in a report, and people with heart conditions or irregular blood pressure should consult a doctor before consuming caffeine.
While we found hardly any user reviews online, caffeine is one of the leading causes of negative reviews. Shakiness and “the jitters” are relatively common, especially among people who are already sensitive to caffeine. Unfortunately, Advocare Slim doesn’t show on the website how much caffeine is in the product.
Our time in the industry has shown us that even a minor annoyance can derail the future success of a dieting supplement. A high monthly price–which is more than a minor annoyance–may discourage dieters, especially if they don’t feel like the ingredients warrant the cost. Furthermore, anyone sensitive to caffeine should be extra careful when using Advocare Slim.
What if you are dead set on trying Advocare Slim? If you really want to try it, it may be wise to start with only one serving per day. This will allow you time to test your body’s response to the caffeine, chromium, and other ingredients without any side effects hitting you too hard. It may also allow you to save some money and add a better diet and exercise to your regimen rather than relying on a supplement alone.

The Science–Is Advocare Slim Clinically Verified to Work?

Any customer would want to know if Advocare Slim has been clinically proven to do its job. While several of the individual ingredients–caffeine, citrimax, chromium, etc.–have been shown to have mild metabolic or appetite suppressant qualities, Advocare Slim itself hasn’t participated in any clinical studies. Advocare has a tab on their website entitled “Science,” but the only content we could find was about the people on their advisory councils or the organizations they are a part of. There was no mention of the methodology they use to test products.

The Bottom Line–Did Advocare Slim Pass the Test?

So here is the verdict you’ve been waiting for. While we have a lot of respect for Advocare as a company–it’s been around since 1993, has a great online presence, and has a well-managed brand–we have some reservations about the product itself. The price seems awfully high for ingredients that are nothing new, and there is no information on the specific quantity of caffeine on the website. These and other reasons prevent us from recommending Advocare Slim.

If you’re looking for a supplement to help you shed a few pounds, we recommend using something that gives you a good value for your investment and doesn’t come with the risk of harmful side effects.

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Also, the makers of Leptigen are offering a special trial offer for the time being, which is always a good sign.

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How Does Advocare Slim Compare?

Previous Advocare Slim Review (Updated April 29, 2012):

What You Should Know

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If you have not found an effective approach to weight loss, do not give up just yet. Your health and confidence are both very important, and you can lose the weight. You simply need to find the right method for weight loss and weight management. Regardless of whether this is a diet program, weight loss supplement, meal replacement shake, or prescription diet pill, you need to make certain it is safe beforehand. This is why we created this review of Advocare Slim. It is a liquid/beverage that is used for weight reduction. As for the cost, it is sold in packs of 12 bottles for $39.95.


  • Svetol (decaffeinated green coffee bean extract)
  • Super Citrimax
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Inositol
  • Thiamine
  • Biotin
  • Chromium
  • Taurine

Product Features

Advocare Slim is marketed as a vitamin and herbal supplement. It is touted as a weight-management aid, and is supposed to help control hunger, encourage fat loss, provide energy that lasts, combat fatigue, and take effect quickly. It comes in tropical swirl flavor, and is an alternative to diet pills. Many of these ingredients can be found in other Advocare Ingredients. A serving of Advocare Slim is two ounces, and water is combined with this formula before it is consumed. It can be used twice each day for maximum results. Like some other weight loss supplements, this formula is used 30 minutes before breakfast, and again two hours after lunch.

There are two major ingredients used in Advocare Slim. These are Super Citrimax and Svetol. Svetol is basically a decaffeinated green coffee bean extract, and it assists with weight loss, and lowering your body mass index. Super Citrimax prevents carbohydrates from being converted to fat. This way less fat is stored, and instead, the carbs are burned off as energy.

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  • You can buy Advocare Slim via the main website.
  • This weight loss supplement should boost your energy levels.


  • There is a warning posted about the caffeine in this product. (See Advocare Side Effects).
  • Some dieters may prefer a more convenient pill formula.
  • No user testimonials were found to support Advocare Slim.
  • There is no healthy diet plan or fitness regimen encouraged with this product.


The first thing we noticed about Advocare Slim is that it is not as convenient as a pill formula for weight management. After all, some dieters will not like having to combine this liquid with water, and then drinking it twice daily. Also, the cost of this supplement is around $40, and you only receive 12 bottles, which will not last long at all. You would end up spending a fortune on Advocare Slim if you took it for a month or several months. This factor alone will deter many dieters.

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