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What You Should Know

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Amy’s Diet Plan is a free and focuses on two different caloric intake limits, 1500 and 1800 calories per day. It provides two weeks’ worth of meal plans and shopping lists for free. The website is well organized and easy to use. The diet focuses on slow, healthy weight loss, at a rate of two pounds per week. The website includes testimonials of people who have used Amy’s Diet Plan and mentions the story of a woman who used the diet to lose 130 pounds. The Amy’s Foods brand has been available on the market since 1987 but is not available nationwide. All plans include a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and desert.

List of Ingredients

The two weeks’ worth of meals are all vegetarian products, and consist of Amy’s Food products. If the products are not Amy’s Food brand, they are fruits, vegetables, and healthy dairy products. For specific ingredients, see the shopping and substitution lists that are available on the website. The products used in the diet range in price and may be expensive because they are organic.

Product Features

If people have the will power and motivation to stick with Amy’s Diet Plan for a while they can alternate foods and meals in order to achieve their long term weight loss goals.

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  • Meal plans and shopping lists make Amy’s Diet Plan easier for busy people.


  • May not appeal to meat eaters.
  • May not work long term as meal options and food choices are limited.
  • Some may not have access to Amy’s Food products.
  • No mention of exercise is included in the plan.


The all vegetarian approach is a healthy one for many and the fact that there are two different caloric thresholds with food substitutions is helpful to those who want a more customized approach to their nutritional plans. When people see the convenience of the frozen and packaged meals it may help combat the time issue behind meal preparation for some. This seems a trustworthy option as the company website does provide sufficient background and contact information.

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3 User Reviews about Amys Diet Plan

  • 1
    Betty Warner

    I tried these pills and they did not work. Not a pound was lost. Ask for refund


  • 2
    Betty Warner

    I tried these and not a thing happened. No pounds lost. I was very disappointed. I sent them back and ask for a refund. Have not received my money back. I spent about $140.00 for these pills that did not fulfill their promise.


  • 3
    carmen roberts

    i ordered amytrim i need to lose 20pds fast will it help me?