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The potent supplement AppTrim is formulated specifically to treat obesity or morbid obesity. It is classed as a “medical food”, which means that you can only access this weight loss supplement under the ongoing care of a physician or health care provider. The official website for AppTrim tells us that it introduces Amino Acids into the body, which are precursors to neurotransmitters that control appetite.


The ingredients in AppTrim consist of Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Hydrolyzed Whey protein, Histidine, Serine, Glutamic A, Grapeseed Extract, Cocoa and Caffeine.

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There is an official website for AppTrim, which has information available for those who are interested in having AppTrim prescribed for them. There is also a section on the website with information available for physicians who would like to prescribe this product. AppTrim is formulated for those who are obese or who suffer from morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is defined by health care professionals as a condition that affects those who are carrying excess weight of above one hundred pounds over their body ideal weight. It is also a condition that is regarded as life threatening. AppTrim is therefore a product designed to address the excess weight of those whose condition is actually putting their life at risk. AppTrim is not the kind of product that is suitable for those who would like to lose that extra pound or two that they are carrying, or would like to fit into a dress that is just a little bit too tight. If you do suffer from obesity or morbid obesity and would like to give AppTrim a try, then the website can help you find a physician who can assess your condition and prescribe AppTrim if they feel that it is suitable for you. One of the ingredients in AppTrim is caffeine and there is also a decaffeinated version of AppTrim available for those who cannot tolerate caffeine.

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  • There is a detailed and comprehensive official website for AppTrim.
  • There is a full ingredients list available for AppTrim.
  • The website allows you to find a physician in your area who can prescribe AppTrim.


  • AppTrim is only suitable for those suffering from clinical obesity or morbid obesity.
  • Following a regimen of AppTrim means that you will need to be under constant doctor’s care while following the course of the treatment, which will necessitate numerous office visits.
  • Some of the ingredients in AppTrim, such as cocoa, grapeseed extract, caffeine and tyrosine can be found in other weight loss products on the market.
  • If you take the version of AppTrim which contains caffeine, you will probably need to cut down on your coffee intake.


AppTrim is certainly not a product that is suitable (or intended) for everyone. Firstly, it can only be obtained under prescription from a physician or health care professional. Secondly, it is a product essentially designed to address those that are very seriously overweight, to such an extent that it is causing life threatening health risks. If you do fit within this category and would like to give AppTrim a try, you will need to speak to your family physician. However, if you are suffering from morbid obesity it could be a good treatment to ask about.

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  • 1

    My doctor prescribed Apptrim. I am wondering why there is very little info on the product on line.


  • 2

    Where can I find AppTrim in my area. Near Mobile, AL?


  • 3

    Where can I get Apptrim. I live in Stapleton, AL


  • 4

    I love this stuff, my doctor took me off phentermine and put me on this. It is great, Dr. Caldron is great also with his weight management programs and lifestyle changes


    alicia cruz

    hi lisa so how r you doing on this apptrim prgram i just started mines today?


  • 5

    is this approved by FDIC?



    This product is regulated by the FDA as a medical food, and uses only FDA approved GRAS ingredients.


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