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AppTrim Review - Does This Diet Formula Really Work? Are high price and negative user reviews deal breakers?

By Summer Banks | Published: 06/17/2016
AppTrim Review

Lately we’re hearing a lot of buzz regarding AppTrim diet pills, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and overall customer care. We also focused on countless dieter comments found online. Lastly, we summarized all of the info we found to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need To Know

To start, AppTrim is a weight-loss formula that contains cocoa, caffeine, tyrosine, grapeseed extract, hydrolyzed whey protein, serine, choline bitartrate, glutamic A, histidine and 5-hydroxytryptophan. It is taken twice daily, in between meals. This product is used to reduce appetite and cravings for carbohydrates. According to the official website, AppTrim is not a drug or a supplement, but a medical food. It is intended to improve your body mass index (BMI). While no prescription is required to obtain this product, “physician supervision” is recommended.

This weight-loss aid was released about 10 years ago by Physician Therapeutics. It is available for purchase online. Furthermore, the official website provides plenty of information on AppTrim, and diet and exercise are both recommended with this product, but read on…

High Price – “Lost Your Wallet?”

Our first concern with AppTrim ingredients was the high price tag. “We noticed that the cost is not readily available or presented clearly on the official website. In fact, you have to register online in order to see the price. Fortunately we did find an alternative website that listed the price at $100 (120 capsules), which is a lot,” says our Research Editor.

One dieter said, “After one bottle, I gave up. Just too expensive for me.”

Another claimed, “The price is just not affordable.”

Negative Customer Feedback – “A Concern”

There are certainly some negative user reviews posted online for AppTrim. One user said, “This stuff causes serious stomach pains.”

Another stated, “Can’t sleep when I take this diet pill.”

According to our extensive research, if there is a certain aspect of a diet program or weight-loss product that is especially concerning (pills that cause side effects, high price, no clinical support) the likelihood of long-term success is minimal. If AppTrim does in fact lead to a lot of customer complaints, this could be problematic.

The Science – “Clinically Proven?”

After taking a close look at the official website, we did find some clinical research presented for AppTrim. A double-blind placebo controlled trial was done over the course of six weeks. This is good to see, but the title of the study does not lead to an online or offline third-party publication where results are revealed. While there may be some clinical research presented on the website for AppTrim, the high cost and customer complaints are still major concerns that should not be overlooked.

The Bottom Line – Does AppTrim Work?

So, here’s the final take on AppTrim. It’s nice to see that it has been around for several years and it’s also good to see that diet and exercise are encouraged with this obesity treatment. However, due to the high cost, we are skeptical about recommending this weight-loss aid. It’s certainly not very forthcoming of the company website to hide the price. We’re also concerned about the side effects that can occur, which are chronic sleeplessness, stomach irritation and nervousness, as reported by dieters.

Those who need to shed pounds of fat more quickly, we recommend you select a diet formula that is easy on the wallet, backed by plenty of customer testimonials and contains proven weight-loss ingredients.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. It contains a proprietary blend of four ingredients that have been proven in documented scientific studies to help increase fat loss and ignite metabolism. Also, we can’t pinpoint any discussion of harmful side effects and dieter feedback around the web expresses people are seeing good results.

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About the Author: Summer Banks

Summer has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does AppTrim Compare?

Previous AppTrim Review (Updated August 15, 2014):

What You Should Know

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The potent supplement AppTrim is formulated specifically to treat obesity or morbid obesity. It is classed as a "medical food", which means that you can only access this weight loss supplement under the ongoing care of a physician or health care provider. The official website for AppTrim tells us that it introduces Amino Acids into the body, which are precursors to neurotransmitters that control appetite.


The ingredients in AppTrim consist of Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Hydrolyzed Whey protein, Histidine, Serine, Glutamic A, Grapeseed Extract, Cocoa and Caffeine.

Product Features

There is an official website for AppTrim, which has information available for those who are interested in having AppTrim prescribed for them. There is also a section on the website with information available for physicians who would like to prescribe this product. AppTrim is formulated for those who are obese or who suffer from morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is defined by health care professionals as a condition that affects those who are carrying excess weight of above one hundred pounds over their body ideal weight. It is also a condition that is regarded as life threatening. AppTrim is therefore a product designed to address the excess weight of those whose condition is actually putting their life at risk. AppTrim is not the kind of product that is suitable for those who would like to lose that extra pound or two that they are carrying, or would like to fit into a dress that is just a little bit too tight. If you do suffer from obesity or morbid obesity and would like to give AppTrim a try, then the website can help you find a physician who can assess your condition and prescribe AppTrim if they feel that it is suitable for you. One of the ingredients in AppTrim is caffeine and there is also a decaffeinated version of AppTrim available for those who cannot tolerate caffeine.

See Our Featured


  • There is a detailed and comprehensive official website for AppTrim.
  • There is a full ingredients list available for AppTrim.
  • The website allows you to find a physician in your area who can prescribe AppTrim.


  • AppTrim is only suitable for those suffering from clinical obesity or morbid obesity.
  • Following a regimen of AppTrim means that you will need to be under constant doctor's care while following the course of the treatment, which will necessitate numerous office visits.
  • Some of the ingredients in AppTrim, such as cocoa, grapeseed extract, caffeine and tyrosine can be found in other weight loss products on the market.
  • If you take the version of AppTrim which contains caffeine, you will probably need to cut down on your coffee intake.


AppTrim is certainly not a product that is suitable (or intended) for everyone. Firstly, it can only be obtained under prescription from a physician or health care professional. Secondly, it is a product essentially designed to address those that are very seriously overweight, to such an extent that it is causing life threatening health risks. If you do fit within this category and would like to give AppTrim a try, you will need to speak to your family physician. However, if you are suffering from morbid obesity it could be a good treatment to ask about.

AppTrim Questions & Answers:

We refined hundreds of user comments about AppTrim into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of AppTrim?

The AppTrim side effects, as reported by customers, may include headaches, upset stomach, mild rash, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and nausea.

What are the ingredients in AppTrim?

AppTrim ingredients are l-glutamic acid, choline bitartrate, l-histidine hcl, l-tyrosine, l-serine, whey protein isolate, griffonia seed, cocoa extract, caffeine, and grape seed, gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Does AppTrim work?

There’s information on the official AppTrim claiming the supplement is “clinically proven”, yet the company doesn’t offer links to studies. We have found that key ingredients like caffeine helps with weight-loss, but you can buy it anywhere. You can always consider changing things up a little and switching out AppTrim with Leptigen. We know the ingredients have been clinically tested.

How much does AppTrim cost?

AppTrim costs $60 for 120 capsules.

How should I take AppTrim?

You should take two AppTrim capsules in the morning and two more in the afternoon. Each bottle lasts 30 days.

Can I take AppTrim if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those taking prescription medications of any kind, people with health conditions or anyone under 18 years of age should consult with a licensed physician prior to starting a weight-loss supplement, including AppTrim.

What do users like about AppTrim?

Some users liked the small size of the AppTrim capsules and that the supplement was easy to use.

What do users NOT like about AppTrim?

We found that users didn’t like that AppTrim didn’t help with weight-loss and that dieters had difficulty purchasing the supplement.

How do I contact the AppTrim customer service department?

You can contact the AppTrim customer service department by calling 1-844-474-3111, emailing a representative at info@tmedpharma.com or by mailing correspondence to Targeted Medical Pharma 2980 Beverly Glen Circle Los Angeles, CA 90077.

Is AppTrim a drug?

No, AppTrim isn’t a drug. The supplement is classified by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical food.

How much caffeine is in AppTrim?

Each serving of AppTrim contains 81mg of caffeine.

Is there a decaffeinated version of AppTrim?

Yes, there’s a decaffeinated version of AppTrim, AppTrim-D.

Do I need a prescription to buy AppTrim?

No, you don’t need a prescription to buy AppTrim.

Does AppTrim come with a guarantee?

AppTrim comes with a guarantee. You will need to contact the customer service department prior to returning the supplement for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on AppTrim?

There are special deals and discounts on AppTrim. If you place an order on the official website, you will receive a 50% off coupon. However, the last several months have been crazy with our readers taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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    Devon (Editor)

    AppTrim costs $60 for 120 capsules.


  • 2

    My doctor prescribed Apptrim. I am wondering why there is very little info on the product on line.


    Stephen (Editor)

    We actually found a lot of information while researching this product. Check out the Q&A section of this review.


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    I love this stuff, my doctor took me off phentermine and put me on this. It is great, Dr. Caldron is great also with his weight management programs and lifestyle changes


    alicia cruz

    hi lisa so how r you doing on this apptrim prgram i just started mines today?


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    is this approved by FDIC?



    This product is regulated by the FDA as a medical food, and uses only FDA approved GRAS ingredients.


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