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Bactium is a supplement from Swiss Labs that claims to rid the body of unhealthy toxins, parasites and worms. The description even claims that some worms are consumed when we eat meats when they are consumed raw. Other scare tactics include mentioning the fact that roundworms in the body can grow up to 14 inches long in the intestine. Dr. Earl Mindell is behind the claims, according to the Bactium website, but any doctor who tries to scare the reader into buying a product is not a doctor we want to visit.

The official website for Bactium does not list the ingredients as a product label. There could be ingredients missing from the list we’ve included here. We expected to see some laxatives or diuretics to push the toxins out of the body and we still think these ingredients are included in the formula, just not listed on the website.

List of Ingredients


  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifi Dobacterium Bifi Dum
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Bifi Dobacterium Lactis

Product Features

The four ingredients listed are healthy bacteria like the ones currently living in the human intestines. These bacteria help breakdown food and ease digestion. They are also known to promote healthy waste removal without the strong effects of a laxative. Environmental factors, eating unhealthy foods and taking prescription medications can kill off healthy bacteria so replenishing said bacteria is important. However, the dieter can replace the bacteria with yogurt or other bacteria-infused food.

With words like health catastrophe and pictures of a 40-pound colon are nothing more than scare tactics. The dieter is NOT at risk of death if they do not take Bactium, but that is the message that comes across and that message has been started by a doctor so it scares the reader even more.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the website.
  • May improve digestion and waste removal.


  • Bactium will not save your life.
  • Scare tactics should not be used to sell a supplement.
  • The picture of a 40-pound colon is not discernible as anything human.


There are more than a hundred reasons why the dieter should replenish healthy bacteria, but none of them have to do with colon congestion killing you or 14-inch tapeworms in the intestines. Dr. Mindell should be ashamed to have his face and name associated with this product. Scaring readers into purchasing a probiotic is simply a poor choice.

Bactium offers no weight loss benefits. The dieter will not increase metabolism or decrease hunger by taking this supplement. If there are laxatives in the formula, the healthy bacteria will be pushed out of the body with fecal matter.

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13 User Reviews about Bactium

  • 1

    I can’t find a review by a single person who has actually taken Bactiplus.
    Is there anyone out there who has? Does it actually work? Would you recommend it? Sally.


  • 2
    Ria Kok

    i wanted to try the 90 Day No-Risk $5 Trial.After 3 weeks they charged my Visa $176-dollars.we where not told that they would charge that without after a phone cal,I had to sent the bottles back cost me about 15 dollars.
    I feel totally scammed,by this type of advertising.


  • 3

    I have found nothing but good to say about Bactium, by the second day I could feel the difference, it pulled stuff from my hips that i thought i would have to live with, You should not have to run somebody else down to build yourself up this is done in poor taste & you will pay for it.


  • 4
    Thelma Cawyer

    It is the only thing that really worked for me


  • 5

    I have used Bactium for quite some time as well as my finance and my daughter.
    My finance would open the capsule and place it under his tongue for a couple of minutes and drink some water before going to his bed and it aids his snoring problem. (IT CAUSES ALL OF US TO HAVE GAS BUT BY THE TIME WE ARE DONE OUR STOMACHS ARE FLAT.) As for my daughter and I WE use it and find that when we have our menstrual cycles we don’t have cramps comparing to when we don’t have any pills available. Also whomever is taking this please take Vitamin B along with this.


  • 6

    I am a triple negative breast cancer survivor and not permitted to take any type of soy and/or natural/plant based hormones b/c of this type of cancer. A friend of my husband’s gave me a bottle of the Bactium for me to take after I completed my chemotherapy treatment to help rid toxins etc from my body. Before taking, can you please confirm if there is any soy and/or natural/plant based hormones in this product.

    Thank you.


  • 7

    I have ordered 8months of Bactiplus. Do I need to refrigerate all of it or just the one that is open?


    Dr. Bob Bitchin

    The best way to use Bactium is to throw it in the trash



    Do your friends love you; or do you have any friends?


  • 8
    Ronna Yeager

    My dad purchased Bactium and he is taking it, but he is also taking Miralax daily for constipation…he has been having a lot of gas!!Is it because of the Miralax, and what should he do??


    Ronna Yeager

    My dad has a lot of gas daily that resulted from him taking the Bactium! He would like to know what to do to get rid of all the gas??


  • 9

    how long does it take to aid my colon?


  • 10

    How effective for my colon? How many days does it take?