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Chupa Panza Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

Chupa Panza pops up everywhere when you search the internet for weight loss supplements. One of its main components, ginger, has been proven to be effective on many ailments and a substantial contributing factor to weight loss.

However, can ginger assist in removing or reducing cellulite? Can it eliminate bloating? How much of it is contained in the products promoted by Chupa Panza? Are the products 100% natural? Find out the answers to these questions and more below, and make sure to read our bottom line when it comes to the claims made by this brand.

Chupa Panza can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Chupa Panza?

Chupa Panza is a supplement geared towards helping you lose weight and tone the skin. It comes in the form of capsules and promotes ginger as its vital ingredient. Tejocote and pineapple are two other significant components.

What do some of the research studies say about these ingredients?

  • Metabolism: In a pilot study, it was discovered that consuming ginger enriches the thermic impact of food and promotes feelings of satisfaction or sufficiency without implicating metabolic and hormonal parameters in men who are above average weight.
  • Journal of Medical Toxicology: According to this study, tejocote has proven to have significant effects on heart conditions, but little is known about its impact on weight loss, especially if taken in large doses.
  • Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Pineapple has been shown to have many benefits to the body and contributes significantly to gut health and ultimately weight loss.

Chupa Panza Competitors

Hyleys Slim Tea
Trim Tea
Vy Tea

Who Makes Chupa Panza?

Chupa Panza pills are manufactured by Grupo Nutrivida GN + Vida, a Mexican company whose direct distributor is listed as Innovacion Natural.

Chupa Panza Customer Service

Individuals can contact the Chupa Panza customer service company through a number of avenues:

  • Address: Calle Volcán Mayón 5726, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44250
  • Email: contacto@chupapanza.com
  • Telephone: 333-231-1638
Chupa Panza Customer Testimonials

Other Products From Chupa Panza

Other products offered from this line include:

  • Chupa Panza Detox Diet Tea
  • Chupa Panza Natural Gel

Chupa Panza Claims

The tea claims that its supplements assist with rapid weight loss.

The product also claims it is a gut slimmer, is easy to use every day, and can help with detoxification, hydration, skin toning. Chupa Panza even claims it can help with minimizing cellulite and stretch marks.


Chupa Panza Ingredients

Chupa Panza supplements contain Ginger Root, Pinneapple fruit pulp, Flaxseed, Bark of the young branches of Cinnamon

The detox diet tea offered by Chupa Panza contains ginger root, pineapple fruit pulp, flaxseed, and cinnamon bark. The Chupa Panza Gel contains ginger, seaweed, lime, rosemary, baMitol, and eucalyptus

Does Chupa Panza Work?

The critical ingredient in Chupa Panza’s products is Ginger, followed by cinnamon, pineapple, flaxseed, and seaweed.

Following multiple scholarly research pieces, including one study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, a summary of the “effect of ginger infusion on weight loss, glycemic control, and lipid profiles among overweight and obese subjects” was done. It revealed that the supplementation with ginger considerably lessened body weight and is a fat burner.

The study found that ginger intake reduces inflammation and blood glucose while stimulating the gastrointestinal tract. The research evaluated the impacts of a hot ginger beverage on energy upkeep, feelings of hunger and satisfaction, and metabolic threat factors in heavyset men.

The oral use of cinnamon in a group trial by Lipids in Health and Disease showed a considerably more significant reduction in reducing blood glucose, waist circumference, and body mass index in the cinnamon group compared to the placebo group.

According to Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, The antiobesity impacts and the probable pineapple vinegar agent were examined in this research. An overview of the overall mechanism showed that pineapple vinegar rectified the manifestations of various obesity-related genes.

It also modified the gut microbiota to regulate inflammation and improve mice’s antioxidant level with obesity. The research concluded that pineapple vinegar could be utilized as a possible alternative functional nutrition for obesity remedy.

A standardized survey and meta-analysis of forty-five randomized placebo-controlled trials surmised that taking flaxseed supplements for more than three months in individuals with a BMI higher than 27 kg can decrease body weight and waist circumference, according to Obesity Reviews.

Flaxseed intake might be a useful dietary strategy for the deterrence and remedy of obesity, and numerous trials have examined the impacts of flaxseed interventions on body configuration. However, more exploration is required with bigger sample groups, sufficient timeframes, and organized trials lasting over three months to substantiate the helpful outcomes of flaxseed consumption on body size. Further research should conclude the favorable amount of flaxseed for weight loss.

Research on seaweed published in Marine Drugs found that seaweed may reduce weight gain in rats.

Weight Loss

Chupa Panza and Weight Loss

Many people have attested to the efficacy of Chupa Panza’s weight loss capsules, but others disagree, including some scientific experts.

According to the Journal of Medical Toxicology, a variety of hawthorn, Crataegus Mexicana (tejocote), has been sold as a weight-loss supplement that is easily accessible online. However, that while numerous hawthorn species have exhibited clinical usefulness in the healing of heart failure due to their favorable inotropic impacts, information about hawthorn is limited, specifically tejocote, when taken in abundance.

Cinnamon has been proven to influence weight loss in some cases, according to Clinical Nutrition.

Side Effects

Chupa Panza Side Effects

Currently, there are not any known side effects of this supplement. However, some of the ingredients in the formula, like tejocote, may cause some issues for some individuals, so make sure to consult your doctor before consuming.

How to Use, Cost, and Where to Buy

The Chupa Panza line of products can be found on various websites, from Walmart to Amazon, and the prices listed below are average:

  • Chupa Panza Ginger Gel $12.45
  • Chupa Panza Capsules $59.98(60)
  • Chupa Panza Capsules $19.96(30)
  • Chupa Panza Tea $12.95 (30 pk)
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable options and easily accessible
  • Most ingredients are familiar


  • Too little is known about a key ingredient, tejocote
  • Information is hard to come by online in terms of who manufactures the product
What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This is really good it help with my weight loss I suggest u get this.”

“Tastes ok but didn’t work at all.”

“This Tea is absolutely Delicious… but as far as helping with weight loss nope didn’t work… but I would buy it again. Because it tastes soooo good tho…”

Chupa Panza Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Chupa Panza

When it comes to Chupa Panza, there are certainly pros and cons. Although tejocote has some positive research, there is a potential it can cause some negative side effects in some individuals. Additionally, there isn’t much information on the company behind Chupa Panza and the sources of the ingredients, making us question the product.

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Chupa Panza Review
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    I’ve been in this bathroom since 11 pm and it’s 4 am 🥲 pray for me boo

  • Get this !!

    I’ve actually lost 10lbs in a month. Im 24(f) & Im down 10 lbs. I Pool A TON but I drink a ton of water and eat less now. I get full easier and faster but it does work. Give it time

  • Chupa Panza Tea
    Alicia Leyva (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been drinking the tea for a week now and it may just be water weight but I did go down a few pounds. The only negative side effect I’ve experienced is having to run to the bathroom a lot because this does clear your system out. Hopefully this helps

  • Anonymous

    ill try it out

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