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The black cumin seed comes from the Nigella Sativa plant. Seeds from the plant and oils pulled from the seeds are used by supplement companies. Ancient medicinal practices using black cumin seed list the supplement as an effective treatment for headaches and skin problems. Digestive problems may also be treated with black cumin seed.

List of Ingredients

Nigella Sativa Plant Seeds.

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Black cumin seed has been studies in animal and human studies. Some reports claim the seeds have a long list of health benefits, including, anti-inflammatory, pro immune function and hypoglycemic. Unfortunately, studies have not come to the final conclusion that any of these effects help humans achieve a healthier life or weight loss.

If black cumin seed has hypoglycemic effects it could be used as an appetite suppressant. Lowering blood sugar levels, or regulating blood sugar levels, are the function of many supplemental appetite suppressants. Carbohydrates cause a rise in blood sugar. After digestion and conversion to energy, blood sugar plummets and hunger starts. The body wants more easy energy and the dieter may feel like they have to eat something simple like sugar, candy or chocolate. These foods can break a diet quick. Regulating that rise and fall can help keep ferocious hunger at bay.

There is no other reason for black cumin seeds to be used in a weight loss supplement. Some supplements will include an anti-inflammatory, especially bodybuilding supplements, to counteract pain and swelling associated with exercise. Though black cumin seed MAY work in this manner, it is not a proven benefit.

It is important for supplements like black cumin seeds to be tested on humans after consumption. Many animal studies are based on injecting the supplement into the body, which does not take into account the changes that occur in the stomach. When supplements come in contact with stomach acids they can change and the effect found during studies using injection may be different. There are VERY few human oral studies on black cumin seeds.

Black cumin seeds are sold as an ingredient in supplements and as a standalone supplement and oil.

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  • May have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • May control blood glucose levels.


  • Not proven to have any positive effect on humans.
  • Extensively studied with no real results.


Dieter will see no weight loss benefits from taking black cumin seeds. While it may have anti-inflammatory and blood glucose benefits, there are proven supplements in both these areas. Until clinical studies can find a place for this ingredient, weight loss supplement companies will include it based on theory and not on fact. Dieters should stick with ingredients like green tea and caffeine – both of which have human studies backing up weight loss benefits.

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    is black cumin uses for reducing facial black spots


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    p. k . varadaraj

    After going through some articles about Black cumin, i started taking it .Although i have no sugar complaint, i find some metabolic changes for the better.,in 3 weeks.has it got any side effects, if taken in moderation?